comedian michael joiner

comedian michael joiner

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Comedian Michael Joiner, contributing writer for Jay Leno, Film and TV actor, and star of "THE CLEAN STAND UP COMEDY TOUR" MOVIE. Corporate/Churches/Clubs and Colleges


Michael Joiner is a 12 year national and international touring headlining comedian who's clean style of clever sarcasm, quick wit, and hilarious observations has 'em rolling in the aisles every time!

Comedy clubs, colleges, and corporate gigs alike have hailed Michael Joiner as "one of the funniest stand-up comedians working today". Michael's ability to to interact with the audience using clever improv skills will leave you in tears!

Besides comedy, Michael also works as a film and TV actor in Los Angeles, California and has appeared in several national commercials. Michael also stars in the newly released DVD "The Clean Stand up Comedy Tour" Movie which is being released June 2006 nationwide, and The hit TV Comedy show "BANANAS"

He has also just shot his first short film, a hilarious Thriller/Comedy that Michael wrote, directed, and stars in. Michael hopes his film will pave the way to
many other TV/FILM projects.


Michael was chosen to be one of four national tourinf headling Comedians to star in the recently released DVD "THE CLEAN STAND UP COMEDY TOUR".
Michael has also starred in the HIT TV SHOW "BANANAS"

Set List

set is aprox. 1 hr