Come Dionysus

Come Dionysus


Come Dionysus is an aggressive rock trio that aurally strips music to its most primal and natural form. Fanatically perfect rhythms, fiery guitar riffs and steadfast bass lines provide the ultimate support for some of the most poetically intense lyrics since Jim Morrison.


In a city as unpredictable as Philadelphia, there are bands that form and dissolve on a daily basis, but the truly passionate always find a way to infiltrate the scene with their art. This story begins in a rundown palace in West Philly, a few feet from Drexel University, in the fall of 2003.

Tired of getting their performance fix by playing acoustic open mics, three housemates with an extra bedroom and a yearning for amplification started jamming on their own ideas. With Adam Phaneuf on the drums, Chris Sulit on bass, and a charismatic Chris Jones singing and playing guitar, they stumbled upon an innovative sound and decided to go with it. Each member was noticeably saturated with influences from opposite ends of the spectrum and were not completely committed to a permanent arrangement. However, the trio practiced consistently and as the Dingbats played their only show in June of 2004 at the Abilene on South Street.

That summer, Sulit started his own project, To The Moon - a more melodious and dark triumphancy that remained more true to his influential roots. Phaneuf stayed in New York City for a few months doing live sound at BB Kings night club and playing in a punk rock band called Sworn Allegiance. Jones spent his time traveling through Italy and France to write and figure things out, but mostly to party. He came back to the States with a born-again resurgence to form another band.

Phaneuf, who had recently left Sworn Allegiance, jumped on board right away, with a similar enthusiasm and mentality of goals to achieve. The two picked up bassist John Walters, and guitarist Dan Reilly, two jam-band influenced musicians, and attempted to play on a lighter and more intricate level. Not quite sharing the same plan to take over the world, Reilly left the group. Jones, Phaneuf and Walters played one show together at the Continental in New York City under the name Come in November of 2004. Walters also came to terms with his lack of interest in the motivation displayed by Phaneuf and Jones and decided to leave as well.

In early January 2005, Phaneuf approached his classmate and acquaintance Tony Giunta about playing bass with them. After learning the songs and a few weeks of practicing together, Giunta was welcomed into the group with the classiest $5 bottle of champagne one could ask for. Giunta fit into the mix perfectly and allowed Jones and Phaneuf to redirect their sound to the hard hitting intensity that they originally had while bringing about a style all his own.

The band settled on the name Come Dionysus, a verbal summons to the Greek god who represents theatre and wine, and is the complete antithesis to law and order. They played their first show together at the end of January 2005 in the living room of the rundown palace where it all began. Come Dionysus has spent their time playing numerous shows, recording in various studios, filming two music videos and gaining fans one heart at a time.

With the release of their first studio full length, Mask, Come Dionysus proves they are ready to take on whatever the world has to offer them. As stated by Joby Martin in Drexel’s official newspaper, “…Come Dionysus is more intense than straight shots of Everclear” (The Triangle 2/4/2005).


The Sun

Written By: Chris Jones

Verse 1
Give her what she wants;
As if she never had it before.
Alone away from home,
The rain eases from a pour.
Father steps into the light;
Now she's flying like a bird.
He turns away, she screams,
It seems the louder she screams the less she's heard.

She's going to save it for another day
She does'nt want to see you....

Verse 2
Her shining soldier returns,
And there's a glisten in he eye...
But he who flees the fight,
Only perpetuates the lie.
Then she was flung across the earth;
Like an arrow at the sun.
When all she wanted,
When all she wanted was to be wanted.


She's free
She's bending, bending towards the sun.
She feels it,
....he wishes she was a son.
She's bending, breaking
Bending towards the sun
He wishes she was a sun...

Verse 3
I want to take her love,
And stick it in a box.
Throw away the keys;
And the change the locks.


Jesus in a Drive-thru

Written By: Chris Jones

Verse 1:
I haven't got much to say,
but I really feel it's better that way.
And i cant take standing still;
On a morning-after pill.
Really hate to be that one;
Who leaves when it's been fun.
One more time to awake;
Alive for another day...

...and she's gone;
Like Jesus in a Drive-thru.

Verse 2:
Feel good friend, what's it to ya?
To have a broken thought and an empty hallellujah.
Somewhere people scream,
And say just exactly what they mean.
Happiness in a kit;
You can rent my time but you'll never fucking own it.
I can't remember when;
There's nothing left to pretend...


Can't run away from a type A, can't run away... (refrain)
I see you scream as you scrape up the walls of the well.
Climb to the top and fall to the bottom and scream.......


Bright Idea

Written By: Chris Jones

What's the bright idea?
Taunting my reply
Floating so high.
So long so fair,
Measily piece of hair;
What angel left you there?

Behind the faces lies a clown
It lifts me up and brings me down
I couldn't fall asleep but...
No one's really happy but they smile anyway...

Verse 2
What's the bright idea?
Imaginary friend
While the stars burn bright,
Tie the harness tight;
Or she'll wander off.


Imagine what we could build;
Just you and I in the name of the sun..
We do it all for the sun;
And for us, the sun does it all

Verse 3
What's to keep you from
Ever letting go
Of the long-drawn bow?
Friends forget to call,
And if they call at all
Its not you they want.



Mask - Full length album
Cut/ The Sun - single
"Cut" and "Bright Idea" have been featured a number of times on Philadelphia's Free FM 94.1 WYSP's "Loud and Local with Tommy Conwell"

"Bright Idea," "Cut," "The Sun," and "Jesus in a Drive-thru" are available for stream and download at and

Set List

We have a little over an hour of material. Songs are generally 3-4 minutes long with one lasting 8 minutes. We cover the old blues song "Back Door Man" in the style of The Doors for about half the song and our own modern interpretation for the other half.