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The best kept secret in music


"Hypnotist Chris Mabrey The Master of Comedy Hypnosis"

Chris Mabrey Act is known is a Modern Day Hypnosis Show. Chris does not use a script every show is completely different!!! He uses a large variety of different skits this not only making the show hilarious the first time but every time!! His show has become known as one of the most ENTERTAINING, AMUSING, HYSTERICAL, SHOW IN THE COUNTRY! People of all ages love his show!! - Chris Mabrey

"St. Lucie County fair hypnotist living his dream"

ST. LUCIE COUNTY — Chris Mabrey loves to make people laugh. If that means using his hypnotist charms to make a teenage boy believe he’s an ardent Barbie collector or a young girl think she’s watching a funny movie, even better.

Mabrey, master comedy hypnotist, has known what he has wanted to do with his life since he was 9 and loves doing it at the St. Lucie County Fair twice a day.

It all started when he saw a hypnotist perform in California. Mabrey said he’d found his calling, and his dad told him to follow his dreams. At age 12, he toured with a professional hypnotist, trained as a hypnotist at age 18, and has now been touring the country with his original show for almost 10 years.

“I’m lucky enough to be living my dream at the age of 27,” Mabrey said.

His modern hypnosis show is different every time and he aims to bring in current trends like a Gangnam Style dance-off at each and every one.

“I make every show up on the spot,” Mabrey said.

Mabrey involves the audience, asking for volunteers to “go under.” He completely relaxes them until they are falling all over each other on stage. Unresponsive candidates are sent back to their seats. The rest of the audience enjoys the hilarity and chaos.

In a mix of individual and group interactions during his performance Monday, Mabrey had some volunteers seeing giant rats scurry across the stage, others falling in love with him, and even had a boy offer his shoe and his belt for a doll he believed to be a rare collectible.

“The audience always has a good time,” said Mabrey, who aims to keep people laughing. “I was told at a young age that laughter is the best medicine in the world.”

Even some hypnotism skeptics were swayed. Pam Jones of Port St. Lucie volunteered to let Mabrey work his magic on her, and though she couldn’t concentrate on Mabrey’s instructions and the hypnotism didn’t take, she no longer suspects it’s just an act.

“He made a believer out of me,” Jones said.

Jones was apprehensive at first, but was surprised when the complete stranger sitting next to her on stage fell asleep on Jones’ shoulder.

“Skeptical or not, it’s all good fun and great entertainment,” Jones said. - TC Palms Florida's Treasure coast and calm beaches

"Mesmerizing act captures attention at the fair"

Hypnotist Chris Mabrey talks about his hypnotic show at the Tennessee Valley Fair - WBIR-TV 10


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Chris was born to Entertain!!

At age 9 Chris witnessed his first hypnosis show on tour with his singer/songwriter Dad. He became entranced and dedicated himself to learn all the ins and outs of hypnosis not knowing then but Chris found his true calling in life!

Being around hypnosis since 1995 and being trained by a world renowned hypnotist. Chris has learned every aspect of the industry from Setup, Safety, to Showmanship! Chris has become a Master Hypnotist, with all necessary credentials and more.

Through this destined events Chris has built one Hilarious hypnosis shows that is also known as one of THE MOST ENTERTAINING, AMUSING, HYSTERICAL SHOWS IN THE COUNTRY!!

From Coast to Coast Chris is using his incredible stage presences, witty style, and experience to captivities audiences and makes memorable experiences that last a lifetime. Chris's success has been part of being one of the younger hypnotists in the country and at the age of 27 and he has focused on keeping his show a Modern Day hypnosis show.

Chris has become a main draw at the largest theme park in the country working with Six Flags Magic Mountain in their famous Golden Bear Theater. Chris has worked at one of the world most famous Comedy Clubs the Laugh Factory in Hollywood California and tours year round nationwide working fairs, festivals, colleges, high schools, corporate parties and more. When Chris is on tour if he is not on stage creating laughter he is usually golfing, fishing and or exploring the towns. When Chris is home he spends time with his best friend AKA his wife and his beautiful little daughter…… Oh and don’t forget his beloved Chinese Fighting fish BLOOP!!