Come On, Let's Go!
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Come On, Let's Go!

Burlington, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Burlington, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Pop Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Former Seasonal members move on to Come on, Let’s Go"

It is a new season for a Burlington band that is changing its focus to a new project with new material.
Burlington’s the Seasonal disbanded last fall, but two members from the band decided to create Come On, Let’s Go.
Paul Maxwell, vocalist and guitarist, and Andrew Marshall, bass guitarist, didn’t want to stop pursuing music when the Seasonal members went in other directions, some literally across the world.
Joined by Logan Traynor on drums, Come On, Let’s Go provides a ‘quirkier’ musical offering.
“The Seasonal was great and we had a blast at it,” said Maxwell. “We moved on to form this band and it’s edgier and quirkier. Because everyone went in different directions, we scrapped old material and the new material is high energy and it’s a lot of fun playing it.”
The band recently held its CD release party at the Legendary Red Rooster two weeks ago and plans to ramp up its performances throughout the summer before touring in support of the new album.
The self-titled EP includes five songs, which showcase the new band’s new material.
“We had more material than five songs but we decided to keep it short and sweet as an introduction,” explained Maxwell. “One reason we decided to do it ourselves is so we could keep costs down and get it out to people.”
The music is streaming from the band’s Facebook page and the EP is available on iTunes for $5.
“The Seasonal music was written with a lot of emotion whereas this band’s material is more fun with lighter subject matter,” said Marshall, echoing Maxwell’s take on the band’s evolution to pop rock. “It is zanier. Writing is an interesting process because the three of us have different enough musical backgrounds. If someone has an idea, we all write around it. It’s interesting to see the music come forward (from the process). We’re bringing all our influences together, which makes it stand apart.”
Maxwell added, “The music has hooky vocals and is upbeat with goofy, silly lyrical content, which draws on the fun side of why we do this. If you take away the seriousness of the industry, it’s freeing to step back and say we’re having fun, whether you like it or not.”
The new band’s name is a nod to fellow, now defunct, Burlington band, Boys Night Out.
“When I was getting into the music scene, that was the band I looked up to,” said Maxwell. “They had unique music that transformed through genres with a great live performance and strong artistry. That’s how I feel about this project; we’re going from one genre to another but it’s a better fit. I know not everyone will come with us but I hope those who do enjoy the ride.”
Come On, Let’s Go next performs in Burlington at the Legendary Red Rooster on Aug. 20 and on Aug. 27 at The Nines.
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- The Burlington Post


2011 - Come On, Let's Go!

1. Get Up, Get Out
2. Bury Me At Makeout Creek
3. Just Run
4. I Dare You To Say That To My Face(book)
5. Bill Nye


2012 - You've Barely Touched Your Banana Kaboom

1. Hi, I'm Steve From The Internet; I'm Here For Your Daughter
2. It Was Either This Or Do Steroids
3. So What If I'm Broke? #beingawesomeisfree
4. Bottoms Up (Trey Songz & Nicki Minaj Cover)



In 2011 "Come On, Let's Go!" burst onto the scene playing 30 shows in their first 6 months together. Sharing the stage with acts such as The Creepshow, Saint Alvia, Tonight:Tonight, Street Pharmacy and many more, "Come On, Let's Go!" has created a buzz around their self-recorded debut EP. The album was recorded in their rehearsal space with their own recording equipment. It earned a 2011 Hamilton Music Award for "Best Punk Recording." The band will be releasing and touring to support it's sophomore record in Spring 2012. Produced by Dave Wilson at Hive Studios in Hamilton, the 4 song EP boasts all new original material moving in an even higher energy more "poppy" direction from the self-titled 2011 release.

2012 will be an explosive year for "Come On, Let's Go!". Catch them on tour, online and on air.