Comes a Horseman

Comes a Horseman


Comes a Horseman is a fusion of magical dance music mixed with hard hitting breakdowns and face melting guitar solos. Although we play such heavy music, the focus of the whole band is to bring a positive message to this generation with the good news of Jesus Christ as its backbone.


Comes A Horseman was made in December of 2007, but they have made tremendous progress and has played with bands such as Kutless, Spoken, Ivoryline and Showbread. COmes a Horseman blew up into a full blown dance and sway of passion and soul driven by blazing guitars, haunting vocals, whispers of piano, and heart thumping drums . We're all Christian guys, and the whole basis of our band is built upon our faith and the light, love, and war that makes up what life is. But we won't try to shove our beliefs down your throat. We love talking to anyone about anything and everything. So please message us we'd love to hear from you, and we love you all.

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we just finished recording our forst album that should be premiering online and at our shows sometime in april.

Set List

Our set time is usually about 30-45 minutes. We usually play five or six songs a show, which usually consists of "A Message For The Bride," "The Sinking Ship," "Beneath the Throne," and any other songs that we feel lead to play.