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The best kept secret in music


"Dallas Observer"

Saturday, April 9, 2005 @ Haileys in Denton, Texas, Wall of Sound Festival
Once upon a time, Denton made a name for itself with festivals like this. Unbelievably, it's now been nearly a decade since the first Melodica festival created the phrase "Denton space rock," but the spirit lives on, and so does the sound of swirling, cascading guitars and slow-churning, subversive melodies.
Austin's Experimental Aircraft dropped a juiced-up set of guy-girl tradeoffs and pedal magic, giving way to the day's highlight, the recently re-formed dream-pop icons Comet. The brothers Jim and Neil Stone churned out heart-tugging gossamer threads and syrupy laser-beam solos like it was 1996 all over again, topped off with a surprising cover of the Cure's "A Forest" and an even more wondrous rendition of their own "Formula One Driver Blues." Michael Chamy, Dallas Observer
- Dallas Observer

"new EP review"

“longtime fans will be happy to hear Comet's return to form…….sounds like a Bedhead interpretation of My Bloody Valentine, though the slow, feedback-filled songs have a unique twist in the Stone brothers' vocals………for Comet, atmosphere is the point, and in that respect, shoegaze fans won't be disappointed.” Sam machkovech, dallas observer april 21,2005 - Dallas Observer

"new EP review"

“For their first release since the last lunar eclipse, Comet has returned to its droning best and created a stealth piece of lo-fi shimmer. The chiming guitars and heartbeat bass drum at the onset resemble the opening of Darkside Of The Moon before heading into their cherub like Jesus & Mary Chain imitation.” Justin Press, dallas music guide , april 2005 - dallas music guide

"first show in 7 years @ Gypsy Tea Room"

Sunday, December 12, 2004 at Gypsy Tea Room
“Comet followed with its first Dallas concert in seven years, but on Sunday night, the group sounded like it had arrived at the Gypsy in a 1997 time machine. Their ultra-loud shoegazer style remained completely intact, and the band's booming drums, whispery vocals and soaring guitars made theirs a welcome reunion.”
Sam Machkovech - Dallas Observer

"CMJ New Music Monthly"

“Comet is a four-piece from Mesquite, Texas with a sound that is both familiar and exotic. Musically, the group lies somewhere between the slow-rock sounds of bands like Low and fellow Texans Bedhead and the more tangled arrangements of Mercury Rev and Spiritualized” - CMJ New Music Monthly

"Melody Maker"

”Bright eyed children who dig out 1991's "Yerself is Steam" and say hey! This American mixture of shoegazing, sixties psychedelia and melancholia, also borrowing from The Beatles at their most egocentric……….What Comet have chosen to do, they do well. The whole ambiance is mellow, where a string section and gentle saxophone solo can elevate a song……….it catches the contentment of watching a good old black and white film by yourself or walking home through the night rain and having a cuppa when you get in.” - Ben Myers

"Alternative Press"

“Comet are the pop children of Mercury Rev.………..Comet's twists on classic verse-chorus songwriting keep them interesting. With a string-section coda adding sadness only hinted at, it takes two listenings to understand how and why "Shogun Girl" works.” - Alternative Press


“Flaming Lips fans should be pointed in the direction of Texan group Comet, with singer Jim Stone - who shares Wayne Coyne's trans-atlantic Syd Barrett vocal style……..they've got a firm hold on pop craft and throw in some great baroque/psychedelic string surges, too. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's produced by former Mercury Rev vocalist David Baker, and the shambling shaman brings some of his old magic to this record.” - Select

"Austin Chronicle"

“Comet distinguishes itself with a keen ear for song structure and the ability to create surprisingly lush arrangements……….Comet cites Britpop references from the Beatles to Pink Floyd to the Cure with peer-reviewable tenacity.” - Michael Chamy


Though David Baker's production inevitably leads to Mercury Rev comparisons, on Musings, Comet isn't quite so wild and wired as that band in its early days. Instead, there's a post-psychedelic wistfulness that tends to suggest instead groups like the Flaming Lips or, at least in the vocals, Built to Spill. The Stones' sweet singing bears this out, high but clear, while the band merrily crunches away. There are definite hints of overdriven shoegaze drone being part of Comet's formative years, as well — "Rocket Flare," the opening track, has some great work in this regard, showing Jim Stone isn't simply a fine singer. Songs stretch with extended introductions and endings, all while not seeming indulgent or time-wasting — a nice thing in and of itself. Consider "Soundtrack to the Short Film: 'Lifelines'" as an example. Over a simple, gentle blend of distant electric guitar and piano, Stone sings softly, before adding some acoustic guitar to the mix. It's a marvelous start, and could almost make a perfect song on its own, while the eventual addition of the rest of the band — including some wonderful guitar work — makes a good thing even better. Another reason Musings is such a fine listen is that the band shows enviable ambition — rather than using a full debut album to show how kick-ass they are (if you will), they have no problem bringing in strings and orchestration for self-written arrangements. Baker happily helps out on the production end, balancing out band and accompanying players excellently. "Day at the Races" is a particular winner, its series of gentle crescendos by both guitar and strings creating a lovely atmosphere. Another standout is "Formula One Driver Blues," where gentle woodwinds alternate with massive, melancholy feedback riffs and heartbreaking chiming. — Ned Raggett - Ned Raggett


Chandelier Musings, full length on Dedicated/BMG
This is Freedom 7, 7" single on Last Beat Records
Happy Anniversary, 10" ep on Atomic Sound
Feathers From the Wing EP on Spune


Feeling a bit camera shy


Once sharing a label with Spiritualized, the Cranes and Beth Orton, Comet dropped their domestic debut record Chandelier Musings in October of '96 and March '97 in the UK . However, the band came to an unexpected halt after a tour-van accident on icy roads in Minnisota left the band splintered and disillusioned after returning home. What should have been just a short break for the band turned out to be much more as the band lay dormant for the rest of 1997 resulting in two members moving on to other projects. The Stone brothers, principal songwriters for Comet, began a side project named the French Films which eventually became the Julie Christie Music Boxes. Leaning heavily on Comet material the Julie Christies played a handful of shows. Still the brothers spent the early years of the 00's searching for other musicians that might be able to help them rekindle the spirit and energy of Comet. Then in late 2003, drummer Michael Castillo was paired with bassist J.D. Wittwer comprising a rhythm section that has helped the Stones once again find the sound of Comet. In late 2004 the new lineup of Comet played it's first show in seven years opening for the Polyphonic Spree in Dallas. April 2005 marked another milestone for the band as Spune Records released the Feathers From the Wing EP.