To The Moon

To The Moon

 London, England, GBR

The fusion of two musical backgrounds helps create the unique blend that is To The Moon.
A truly bizzare mix of raw guitar, soulful vocals with huge sub bass and tinny drums is complimented with a visually powerful live performance.


With myriad crossovers in musical taste, MJ and Dennis are able to streamline their influences into an original style encompassing their passions.
Collaboration began in 2004, and they have since worked on and off together in various guises, coming together in To The Moon and quickly becoming the only two members; many of the others being assimilated into the System.

MJ's predominant interest is in "guitar music", from 50s to date, including Jazz, Blues, Pop/Rock, Progressive and experimental,
and also has a passion for Latin, African, Indian, and Western classical, and electronica/dance.

Dennis has been tutored by Bryan Evans (worked for Thomas Dolby and Duran Duran) and now strives hard to
create his own unique sound blending the very raw and unprocessed sounds for atmosphere to the detailed synth lines and vocal effects.
He currently works for Jonathan Lisle, co-writing underground electronic music. Only recently he has been connected with Rowan Blades, one half of huge progressive house fame 'Breeder'.

To The Moon are now working on their debut album, currently titled 'Falling Is Still Flying'