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CoMeTrY attracts a wider variety of students by appealing to those interested in comedy, those interested in spoken word, & others curious about discovering a new hybrid form of entertainment.

As former NACA students our set-up is simple.You lead us to 4 water bottles & 2 mics, we give free hugs!


COMETRY is an exciting, energetic new art form that blends performance poetry and stand up comedy into clean, clever, observational entertainment. Each performance is designed to highlight the similarities, habits, and traits that we all share, but often go unnoticed. Every COMETRY piece or "coem" does a few things: it tells a story, raises awareness, or delivers an inspirational message, all while making you laugh.

***We brought COMETRY back to the University of South Alabama because what you two do is amazing. The fusion of comedy and poetry is truly like nothing else I’ve seen in the college market. Students are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions when they attend a COMETRY show and I think the ride is so beneficial to them. Giving someone the opportunity to laugh, cry, and have their mind opened all in one show is truly special and I don’t know of anyone else that could do it the way you two do. I will say it’s something that has to be experienced. Watching the videos will give you a taste, but being in the same space as you two, well, it’s something else. We're looking at how we can bring COMETRY back to USA again (for the 3rd time)! I think there will always be someone who can benefit from a COMETRY performance.
- Heather Sprinkle
University Programs Coordinator
University of South Alabama

*** I had no idea how they would fuse comedy and poetry together, but let me tell you, they did it, and they did it incredibly well. What stood out the most to me was the passion that you two had and that you customize every performance. I felt inspired not only as the coordinator of the event, but as an audience member, a University student, and a fellow human being. You all are very easy to work with and definitely deliver for performances. I heard a lot of people comment (positively) on the Father’s Day piece and it seemed like that one was quite intense and immensely impactful. Many people around me it seemed, as well as myself, could relate. Very powerful.
(Diversity and Social Justice Coordinator)Colorado State University

***"As a small school, we don't have a lot of funds so booking an act is always a gamble. In this case, it was absolutely money well spent. Iggy and Chad are easy-going, professional, and timely which makes working with them simple and stress free. Most importantly, the students found them engaging, entertaining, and relatable. We will most definitely be having them back, and I encourage anyone and everyone to book them if you are looking for a great blend of creativity, education, and entertainment."
- Ashlie R. Daigle
Director of Student Involvement,
Centenary College of Louisiana


The Boy, The Myth, The Legend

Written By: Laugh Learn CoMeTrY, LLC

In a 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey Michael Jackson said
“I'm nothing without my fans”
(repeat 2x)

I balanced on toes for you
became platinum before puberty
I polished patent leather shoes, while other kids
wore dusty sneakers with style
I don't want to dance anymore
I don't care what you thought or what you taught me
I just want to …. Imagine …. something
you thought I would forget to be, instead
I made you, MILLIONS, before I learned my ABC's (so easy as)
ONE, I am not the song my father would listen to
TWO, Tito the music you made beneath bedsheets
traumatized, Tyrannosaurus Rex
Toddler in a lost world
Jurassic Park, terrified in a Land Before Time…

I think I'm embarrassed about who I am
I hide behind shadows that drape insecurities, I shiver
when the sun sees hour hand reach high noon
I'm off tune MICHAEL
I'm off tune AGAIN MICHAEL
I am never off tune...
The seed of perfection is planted

I am dance
Dancing to the choreography of leather slashing against skin
bite by belt buckles, I am bruised
beneath records of hits
you wouldn't allow me to call you daddy, Joseph
you are Disney to me

trying to find the right track for father

I am dance
moon-walking to the outer parts of me...
searching for stardom
perfection is Forever
you wanted nothing but sharp edges
I tried to loosen up sometimes
so I danced

I am NOT, the song my father would listen to
I am who my father wanted me to be
Dressed to impress
But the fashion he desired left me
Swinging on playground alone
Child Interrupted
Joseph, you lived through me
You ROCKED my world
(you rocked my world…you rocked my world)
I am NOT the SONG my father, would listen to

“I see God in the smiles of children”
Child Interrupted
But he never saw his own
Finding Never-Never-land, becoming Peter Pan
Wanting to be human
A Lost Boy
Man seen as Monster

“No one will ever understand how much these wicked rumors have hurt me”
Diane Ross presents the Jackson's
Over 5 million albums sold
Over 5.7 million albums sold
The Jackson 5, the 3rd album
Over 6 million albums sold
Joseph, is this enough?
Don’t stop til you get enough
Enough, This is IT
I was thriller
Looking at the man in the mirror
I was BAD But you – made – me – want - to scream
I’ve just been hit by
Joseph W Jackson
I’ve just been struck by
A Smooth Criminal

copyright 2010 © Laugh Learn CoMeTrY