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Come Wind

Sugarcreek, Ohio, United States | SELF

Sugarcreek, Ohio, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"November / December Pick of the Litter"

In the November / December edition of HM Magazine, we were chosen as one of the bands for their Pick of the Litter editorial. You can find this magazine at many music stores and book stores around the country. - HM Magazine

"Interview w/ BRsq"

This is an interview we did with our friend Jared Harper for an online newspaper he writes for from Canton, OH called BRsq. - BRsq

"December 2010 Unsigned Spotlight"

There’s a misconception that occurs when one of your favorite bands decide to call it quits. Pending just how much you loved them, it may feel as though you’ll never again find a band in that genre that will strike in the same way. For me this year, As Cities Burn’s break-up hit me in just this way. I was heartbroken, and immediately got stuck in the mindset that I’ll forever be at a loss for bands that can captivate me with such math-induced, angular guitar progressions. And as should always be the case, I was proven wrong because I didn’t count on finding a band like Come Wind to come around and completely win me over in the same manner as As Cities Burn.

Usually when it comes to doing a review, it’s appropriate to break down the album by pointing out at which areas each member brings a certain element that just makes the song. But with Come Wind’s Wanderer, O’ Wanderer, this is impossible because every track features all four members bringing their own attributes to the table. There’s not one song where a single member stands out, instead, they all share the spotlight in some way or another, and it’s this cooperation that helps make each song its own. Tal’s presence with his bass is evident on the album throughout it’s entirety (which let’s face it, is rare these days), as is Ben’s drumming. Both are capable of matching the energy given off by the song perfectly, whether they’re helping it slowly escalate, like on “All the Same”, or driving the energy forward on “Not Enough”. Both of these songs are as good examples as any with Tal displaying pounding bass work on the former and Ben showing impressive control over his technical drumming on the latter; especially in reference to his use of double-bass. But as I said, these are just examples, both of their capabilities at their instruments are evident on every song in a different way each time.

What seriously won me over, though, was a combination of Nick’s vocals with both his, and Aaron’s guitar work. The chord progressions and angular, off-time riffs they both display are something to be admired. They ease you into their technical abilities with “All the Same”, a song that in itself is constantly building in preparation of the rest of the album, closing off with a highly effective open-chord breakdown. “Bricks” and “Life and Life Only” both showcase their As Cities Burn-like characteristic, and I can’t get help but be swooned every time they come into play. There is just something about the kind of technicality that doesn’t have a standard basis that always make my jaw drop. “Midas” is where you get a full feel for their heavier tendencies, using much more math-rock oriented guitar work, the likes of which I’ve only seen this year on Tides of Man’s Dreamhouse. Then there’s Nick’s vocals, which, for lack of a better phrase, simply soar through out the whole album. What’s more, there is never a moment when it feels like he’s straining to reach even the higher notes; it all comes off naturally and effortlessly. Needless to say, this definitely helps drive the passion that is set forth with both the impact of the music and his highly emotive lyrics. Even on “Not Enough”, he shows a natural ability to produce a throat wrenching scream, paralleling an immensely captivating, slowed-down breakdown (same vocal style appears again on “Herein is Love”). This heavier element came as a bit of shock to me, both in reference to the instrumentation and vocals, but only because “All the Same” opens the album up so gently. The transition between their different levels of intensity (or lack there of) is just about as seamless as they can be, and everyone in Come Wind is more than capable of producing them both appropriately and effectively.

This year has proven to me, and hopefully everyone, that music is far from reaching a lull, and Come Wind is definitely one of those new artists that have serious potential to pick up where others have left off and keep music alive. That’s why the rest of the TRR Team and I have proudly selected Come Wind as TRR’s December Unsigned Spotlight band. You can see for yourself with the track posted below, or head over to their myspace. Hopefully a tour will be announced sooner rather than later, and when that day comes, speaking for myself, I cannot wait to see how the experience of their live show will relate to their EP. I find it hard to believe it will be less than amazing, and I find it hard to believe anyone would disagree. - The Record Rebellion

"Album Review - Indie Vision Music"

There are two different seasons in my life: the first one when I was a kid of thirteen years old I used to listen to punk and ska music, the second one nowadays I listen Post hardcore and Metalcore bands, but when my head is tired of hear all that noise I break my own musical taste just for relax myself with a more softer sound

As some of you guys probably may have noticed I have a job just for fun in my free time I usually search on myspace to discover some new music, but most of the bands I find are Metalcore, screamo or post hardcore, �it�s hard to find an alternative band worth to listen, but in one of those occasions I found Come Wind.

Come Wind is a truly talented four piece progressive/indie rock band from Canton Ohio that is super under rated, so now is the time to break� these boundaries and give them� a chance to be a part of our music players. These guys have a solid sound that reminds a lot COME NOW SLEEP of AS CITIES BURN, but why? The guitar riffs are very similar especially, the first time when I heard the intro of �Life & Only Life� the only one song I could remember was �Empires� of As Cities Burn, then I asked myself:� Why Tooth & Nail still doesn�t sign them ?.

Musically� they are talented gents, Aaron Troyer, their lead guitar player has a passion for �tapping� in most of the songs, also, you can feel the quality of a tube amp on each song and enjoy a very nice driven sound, the vocals are generally clean but there are some occasionally screams in the songs �Herein� and �Not Enough�.

Speaking of lyrics, their messages are spiritually deep and encourage you to do something� good for yourself and for this world, consider the song �Life & Life� which say: �I hope you find your way and live, Wanderer O� Wanderer I hope you find� something that�s real and live/I�m getting older but not old enough to know what I�m supposed to do before I die�, or consider the song ��Not Enough�which say �I have compassion somewhere inside will you hear it in my words ; or feel it through my hands? � I have these hands but where�s my heart ? where is yours ?.

My favorite track is by far �Bricks� because it is a nice piece of art that I can hear once and once again for weeks, but I love all the tracks in this EP.

Overall: This is a great debut EP from a very talented band, with honest-heartfelt and positive lyrics that christian people should listen,� definitely if you�re a fan of As Cities Burn, Ocean Is Theory, or any progressive indie rock band with technical and melodic interludes, then you will fall in love with Come Wind. - Indie Vision Music

"Riders on the Storm"

“Come Wind has successfully saddled the ol’ music-beast, and it is with true vigor that they must now hold on for their dear lives.” That’s just one of the many head-scratching statements you’ll read on Come Wind’s bio. It’s best to skip straight to the music, where the band’s euphoria translates to an intense, ambitious and visceral rock odyssey. “All The Same” feels like a war cry, where piercing guitars and galloping bass effectively shock and awe the listener. Come Wind’s arrangements are complex, multi-rhythmic, mathy tempests. “Life and Life Only” is jam packed with parts: sinewy guitars, battering drums, rolling bass lines. Their fitfulness is contagious—it’s impossible to listen without feeling both anxious and elated. With Come Wind, the ol’ music beast might rear and kick, but at least there’s never a dull moment. - OurStage


Wanderer, O' Wanderer - 2010, Self-released



There are a myriad of options before us as we approach life, and there are simply so many ways each one of us could spend our time. The great joy is that each one of us has a destiny to fulfill – indeed, each of us has been woven together for a specific purpose in this time, this place, and these lives we have been given. It's a powerfully beautiful thing when a person realizes this. The four members of Come Wind have been allowed to look deep into this beauty, and have walked away with a mission.

Driven by the conviction that life is in fact meant to be lived fully, Come Wind seeks to craft music that helps people become who they are meant to be. More than anything, the band hopes their music encourages and emboldens those who hear it, inspiring them to do great things.

During the winter of 2009, Come Wind recorded their debut EP at Red Red Studios in Nashville, TN. Engineered and produced by Joshua Silverberg (formerly of Edison Glass), this handful of songs is slated to be released in the early summer of 2010. Come Wind are pretty jazzed about the EP, and are determined to promote it from every mountaintop they can climb to and in every valley they can crawl through.

Even in the midst of their 'fledgling' status, Come Wind have ample experience with the incredible joy and goodness that music can bring. Truly, there is within music something both vitally human and vitally Other, an experiencing through string and rhthym and voice and song of Presence and holiness. It is this intimate, dynamic experience of both music and the Presence of I AM that Come Wind hopes to share with its listeners. All four members know themslves to have been so blessed; as a result, they desire nothing more intensely than to share this blessing with others.

Understandably, the band is excited and anxiously anticipatory about their future. Come Wind has successfully saddled the ol' music-beast, and it is with true vigor that they must now hold on for their dear lives. No matter which path their adventure takes them on, the members of Come Wind remain confident that the Spirit of God will guide them to exactly where they should be.

Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.