Come Wind

Come Wind

 Sugarcreek, Ohio, USA

We're an edgy progressive rock band that seeks to blend passionate music with accessible songwriting to create an experience that's enjoyable for many listeners.


There are a myriad of options before us as we approach life, and there are simply so many ways each one of us could spend our time. The great joy is that each one of us has a destiny to fulfill – indeed, each of us has been woven together for a specific purpose in this time, this place, and these lives we have been given. It's a powerfully beautiful thing when a person realizes this. The four members of Come Wind have been allowed to look deep into this beauty, and have walked away with a mission.

Driven by the conviction that life is in fact meant to be lived fully, Come Wind seeks to craft music that helps people become who they are meant to be. More than anything, the band hopes their music encourages and emboldens those who hear it, inspiring them to do great things.

During the winter of 2009, Come Wind recorded their debut EP at Red Red Studios in Nashville, TN. Engineered and produced by Joshua Silverberg (formerly of Edison Glass), this handful of songs is slated to be released in the early summer of 2010. Come Wind are pretty jazzed about the EP, and are determined to promote it from every mountaintop they can climb to and in every valley they can crawl through.

Even in the midst of their 'fledgling' status, Come Wind have ample experience with the incredible joy and goodness that music can bring. Truly, there is within music something both vitally human and vitally Other, an experiencing through string and rhthym and voice and song of Presence and holiness. It is this intimate, dynamic experience of both music and the Presence of I AM that Come Wind hopes to share with its listeners. All four members know themslves to have been so blessed; as a result, they desire nothing more intensely than to share this blessing with others.

Understandably, the band is excited and anxiously anticipatory about their future. Come Wind has successfully saddled the ol' music-beast, and it is with true vigor that they must now hold on for their dear lives. No matter which path their adventure takes them on, the members of Come Wind remain confident that the Spirit of God will guide them to exactly where they should be.

Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.


All the Same

Written By: Come Wind

Actors fighting wars
Against the sinners and the whores.
We forgot what we’re made of.
Everyone’s dirt is the same.
We’re all made from dirt.
We’re all made from dirt.

Sacrifices have I made
when you just asked me to obey.
How hard have I tried?
I’m looking for something you haven’t asked me to find.
I’m covered in your blood,
But does it flow through me?

It’s a war
and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not.
There are things we can’t see
that we have to understand;
and we don’t fight with our hands,
but with our hearts.
And we can’t forget
That everyone who looks like an enemy
is really just a hostage.
And everyone who looks like an enemy,
Is really just one of us.

We are all the same
we are all the same
By his breath we were made
and we all have one name
None of us would have escaped the flood,
but by such sweet love,
We are all the same.

As kings are not saved
by the size of their troops,
So we are not saved by our own merits,
but through what we’ve been allowed to inherit.


Written By: Come Wind

I’m not sure where your shadow stops
And where the shadow of the bricks begin
Or where your body begins?
Should you move or stay?
Frozen in fear of action,
You’ve never been more nervous than when He is near.
Oh you want it in your mind,
but you have no idea,
you’re even petrified,
When it’s actually here.

I know you want to exchange burdens.
Why won’t I let you?
Where does this fear come from?
Not from love, not from good, not from You.

Finally! The weight begins to lift!
O sweet bliss!
And even though you’ve heard they can fall
You can’t imagine them being anywhere
But exactly where they are.

I know you want to exchange burdens.
Why won’t I let you?
Where does this fear come from?
Not from love, not from good, not from You.

I have these bricks on my back
They weigh me down so much.
I have to rest so often.
I can’t convince myself I want rid of them.
Who would I be without them?

I know you want to exchange burdens.
I'm gonna let you.
Where does this faith come from?
It comes from love, it comes from good, it comes from You.

Weight lifted, the color screams into you mind.
You will see, Finally
Who you are supposed to be.


Wanderer, O' Wanderer - 2010, Self-released

Set List

We typically play a six song set that is approximately 30 minutes long. If necessary, we can play for longer or shorter amounts of time, accordingly.