Comfortable Rut

Comfortable Rut

 Islip, New York, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

We are a 3 piece band,with Lead vocal/Guitarist, Bass/Back-up Vocal, Drums/Back-up Vocal.We play original music written primarily by our lead vocal/guitarist.Our sound has been called Swing Rock and Foot Tappin' Music.I hear it as Blues based Rock with a Swing/Funk twist.


We are a power trio with 3 voices. Our music is all original with an old style rock feel.We have been together for about 2 years now and play at as many open mic gigs as possible as often as possible.Our music is influenced by Artist such as Humble Pie,The Ramones,The Stones,The Bus Boys as well as many other classic rock bands.Our sound is a little different than the standard " bar band",because we play our own music and it rocks .


Our first album is titled Payin' Dues and is currently available.
We are currently working on our second album it will be titled Still Payin' and should be available next Holiday season.
The first album has 12 songs on it
The second might have 13