Comfort Say

Comfort Say


What a great new refreshing sound!
We mix a U2/REM feel with World Music ethics. I think we have to call our style; pop/rock/indie/ethnic.The many original songs are certainly commercial and indie radio friendly and ready to fly!


We are "Comfort Say".
Danny, singer/songwriter, has been a mainstay musician in the Adelaide music scene for more than 15 years. He was the lead singer of leading U2 cover band; "U 2000" for ten years. He has a huge passion for singing his guts out and writing some of the best songs around. He can also thrash out some killer guitar licks and rhythms, as well as harmonica interludes. Danny also runs his own music studio and rehearsal space, where recordings take place weekly.

Rod, the drummer, plays an original late 50's American Ludwig kit. He has been playing in a variety of bands in the US, UK, Holland and now Australia. He also has a myriad of percussion, including a beautiful Djembe Drum, made exclusively for him. Rod can also play guitar, bass and keyboards for studio recordings.

We also have a an Internationally renowned Record Producer ready to help out on our latest album.


Singles out now:

'Goin' Down'


'Little Damage'

more tracks coming soon: "Magazine Cover", "Lost", "Stay" "Sunshine"