Com Fusoes Sound System

Com Fusoes Sound System

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Com Fusoes is a mix of the 70's angolan soul music with brazilian and african rhythms, remixed with conteporary african dancehall and hip hop beats. Conceived by Mauricio Pacheco in collaboration with Dog Murras, Mario Caldato, DJ Dolores, Moreno Veloso, Wyza and many others.


Brazilian producer Mauricio Pacheco came onto the music scene in 1994. He has produced for Fernanda Abreu, Lenine and Jussara Silveira and founded the successful capoeira-hip hop band Stereo Maracanã. Since 2002, he has been travelling frequently to Angola, when he was first invited by Sérgio Guerra to record the first DVD ever made in Angola, “Quintal do Semba”, for his label Maianga. The record was made in a live performance by two giants of the Semba movement: Paulo Flores and Carlos Vieira Dias. After producing several local artists, such as young bakongo singer Wyza, and Elias dia Kimuezo ( so called the King of angolan music), in 2009 he conceived a remix project: “Com Fusões 1 – From Angola To Brasil”, Angolan songs from the 60s and 70s remixed by Brazil’s top left-field producers.
Sourcing songs from the archives of the Angolan National Radio, Pacheco unearthed some gems from the 60s and 70s, a golden age in Angolan pop music which spanned the bitter fight towards independence in 1975. Bonga, Teta Lando, Artur Nunes and Carlos Lamartine were part of the generation of popular songwriters who took a pro-independence stand and became legendary touch-stones as their country headed into a civil war which would not end until 2002. Plugging retro African tracks into shimmering studios on the other side of the Atlantic takes a sure hand, and Pacheco has gathered together some of the most sought-after left-field Brazilian producers to carry it off. In a call for a united Angola on Angolé, Teta Lando’s mournful and heartfelt vocals get a gentle lift from Pacheco’s drifting electronica and his reverb rework of Avozinho’s Mama Divua Diame is another highlight.
The title of this compilation is a play with words: meaning either "Confusions", or "with fusions". The project is a confusing meeting and mingling of two cultures with a shared language (portuguese) and a somewhat related, yet different history. It is not about conserving culture. It is about continuing a story of exchange that started long ago when the first Africans were forcibly brought to Brasil and over time helped create a vibrant music that has touched people throughout the world.
Com fusões takes Angolan pop music from the golden 60ies and 70ies to Brasil. For a long time now Angola has been cut off from the rest of the world due to the civil war raging in the country until 2002. Times have changed. Today the economy is booming and also the magic of the countries music is starting to spread beyond the borders of the African continent. Kuduro being the latest craze spreading into the international club culture. The golden ages of Angolan music were in the 60s and 70s the Some of the most soulful african tunes coming out of Africa were recorded in Angola. It is the melancholy of portuguese fado infused with African rhythms (not unlike capeverdean music) that makes this music so special.

The CD received rave reviews and was a top feature in the specialized world music press, like websites and
The english journal The Independent wrote :"Its heart, soul, rhythms and rejuvenations shine brilliantly ".

Com Fusoes Sound System
To recreate live the sounds and mixes of brazilian and african music, Mauricio Pacheco invites the amazing singer Wyza, original from the Uíge , in the north of Angola, and DJ Sankofa, from Ghana, promoting a live experience of interaction and improvisation over solid beats and powerfull percussion provided by multi-instrumentist Jam Da Silva, co-founder of DJ Dolores's Orchestra Santa Massa and percussion player guest @ massilia Sound System and Troublemakers.



Mauricio Pacheco's Discography

Maurício Pacheco - Com Fusões vol.I - From Angola to Brazil - 2009

CD Released - Maianga Discos- Brazil & Angola
CD Released - OUT/HERE Records - Europe, North America, Asia

Wyza - Bakongo
Maianga Discos ( Brazil & Angola) - 2008
Totolo Records (Europe) - 2009

F.UR.T.O. - Sangueaudiência
SonyBMG - 2005

Jussara Silveira - Jussara
Maianga Discos - 2003

Paulo Flores & Carlos Vieira Dias - Quinta do Semba
Maianga Discos - 2003

Stereo Maracanã - Combatente
Maianga Discos - 2002

Set List

The sets are usually one hour long, recreating live the crossover remixes of the 70ies classic angolan tunes with beats, in a musical journey that goes from house music to hip hop, with live percussion and energic raps with soulful angolan melodies.