Coming to Get Barbara

Coming to Get Barbara

 Denton, Texas, USA

Coming to get Barbara combines several different styles of music. Brice throws in the metal and punk with the guitar. Carolina gives the music a classical or electronica feel with the piano/synth. Cameron contributes his funk and quickness on bass. Then, Jim brings it all together with his heavy, yet poppy, drum beats.


Coming to get Barbara formed in fall 2008 combining several different types of genres and musical influences. Brice and Jim met through a mutual friend that was trying to start a band. Eventually their friend quit, and Brice and Jim decided to form a band of their own. Brice recruited Carolina, to add a sense of electronica on the keys, and Cameron joined on bass guitar shortly after.
Jim has been playing drums for about 7 years and has always been very influenced by punk. Naming one of his favorite drummers and biggest influences as Travis Barker. Since joining Coming to get Barbara, Jim's style has gotten a bit heavier, but he still keeps the beats fast and aggressive to sustain a feeling of punk.
She may not have been playing keys for very long, but Carolina's wide range of influences and musical knowledge that she has acquired through out her life has brought a new since of direction to the band. Her variety of styles she brings to Coming to Get Barbara range from heavy synth to smooth flowing piano, creating a wide selection of genres through out their music. Plus, she's a chick.
Cameron has been playing the guitar for a few years now and is currently in school studying music. He took up playing bass to add on to the unique sounds and styles of the band. He is heavily influenced by jazz as well as 60s/70s rock.
Playing guitar since he was 11 and singing for about 3 years, Brice is the member that brings the heavy edge to Coming to get Barbara. With his studies at the University of North Texas in music, along with his tenor vocals and fast, technical guitar, Brice brings a sense of metal and punk to their music. Brice credits both Tom Delonge from Blink-182 and System of a Down's Daron Malakian as his main influences on the guitar.
Coming to get Barbara has been known to have fun, loud and crazy shows, sometimes even incorporating magic tricks into their set. Playing shows in Denton, Dallas and Fort Worth, their fans always leave the shows wanting more and the band leaves the show with even more fans. Coming to get Barbara is finishing up their first full length album, and has already released four of the songs in a free demo at their shows. Even though they are just starting out, Coming to get Barbara is creating quite an impact in Denton.


Coming to Get Barbara's first full length album coming 2011.

Four song demo from the upcoming album, available now.

Set List

The Midnight Society
The Robot Song
Clairvoyance in a minor
Bottom of the Ocean
Don't Date a Stalker
Bailar de los Muertos
Showdown to the Takedown