Rock Music from Muskegon, MI, combining indie rock with melody and harmony.


We are four music lovers from Muskegon, Michigan who concluded listening to music was not enough. So we decided to make some music of our own. We call this musical endeavor "Comlag".

We spend all of our time either writing music, playing music, or listening to music. Some of our collective musical influnces would be: The Beatles, Radiohead, Muse, Pink Floyd, The Smashing Pumpkins, Coldplay, etc.

Comlag formed in late 2004 after the addition of musical talent Pat Lewis. With the lineup now complete, Comlag spent 2005 writing material and playing shows in any place that they could find time to play in (Muskegon, Bluffton, Ludington, Norton Shores, Whitehall, Gra
nd Rapids, Holland, Detroit)

On April 4th 2006, Comlag released "The Damage Of Decay (EP)" on Glass and Sea Records. Our first offical release features five songs designed to describe the damage of human relationships.

Comlag will continue to play as many shows as possible in 2006. When we're not playing shows or writing new material we will be in the studio working on our forthcoming sophomore EP.

So please keep listening to music... and please keep in contact with Comlag.


The Damage Of Decay [EP] - 2006

Set List

All Original:

A Fade Out Is A Cop OOut
Anniversary Adversary
Exit Wounds
Gibson Praise
I'll Have My Day
Landmine Lottery
Melody Hope
Minds Regress
Peace & Quiet
The Razor
Second Thoughts
Sleepwalking Pt. 1
Small Town Fascist
Three Figures

Sets typically run between 30-60 minutes.