Commander Chameleon

Commander Chameleon


Commander Chameleon is a trio residing in Athens, Ga. The music is a blend of rock, pop and psychedelia with a dash of satire and humor.


Commander Chameleon plays rock music that adds a little humor and a little experimentation. The two singers Brad Metz and Ritchie Williams have complementary styles that create a unique sound. Flagpole Magazine describes it as " Ween meets a Georgia- fied Dead Milkmen. " Ritchie Williams delivers a pleasant voice with lots of melody, while Brad Metz delivers a lot of energy and a little humor. Band members switch instruments on stage in a very festive life performance. The main influences are Ween, The Beatles, Pavement and The Butthole Surfers. The 3 member band has been together since 1997. Through the years Commander Chameleon has written over 100 songs, released 4 independent records and received continuous local radio play. In 2006, the band placed in the top 8 at Indie Week in Toronto, in which several international artists were involved. Commander Chameleon is currently working on an album, playing live shows and promoting in hopes of quitting their day jobs to spend time doing what they love.


Have Your Cake And Fetus Too-LP 2001
Vivacious Honkey- EP 2002
Brick Beach- EP 2003
Commander Chameleon- LP 2006
Probe-EP 2007
Cow Song- Honorable Mention 2003, John Lennon Contest
Indie Week 2006 Finalist, placed in the top 8 out of over 400 international bands
Vivacious Honkey-2004 Man Down compilation cd
White Dog- 2007 Indie Music For Life compilation cd
Brick Beach-2007 Rabblerouser compilation cd
Annual Athfest participant

Set List

Typical set includes White Dog, Small Town, Cow, Cancer Sign, Mamma Judgement Day, My Racist Uncle, Methamphibians, etc. Typical set list is 45 minutes to an hour. We have enough material for 3 plus hours.