Commerce & Hiller

Commerce & Hiller


Encapsulating the sounds that blend genres and blur categorical connotations, Commerce & Hiller was formed in 2007 with the intent of having no intentions. Some people label our music as psychedelic / progressive / experimental / instrumental / rock. We focus mostly on the lines in between.


Our product as a band is not entirely focused on the records we put out.

Equally as important to the music is the energy we release at our live performances. We set our minds on capturing the vibe of our environment, soaking it up like clouds do water, and then release it into the atmosphere, using our tracks as rain that gives life to the masses.

The sounds that come out of our amplifiers are the minerals and nutrients that feed those who have been deprived of their benefits for so long; those who have been over-saturated with over-played pop songs and rap tracks that lack uniqueness and creativity.

We are on a mission to gradually spread this sound, this feeling, this energy, to those willing to open themselves up to the future.

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit (demo) - 2008
Music for Robots (demo) - 2008

Set List

Typically we play an hour-long set. This includes set-up and tear-down, both of which take about 10-min each.

:::Sample Set List:::

Pool Dog
Polar Bear's Driving
Tennessee Side Winder
Amber Waves
Ryan's Song
To Those Before