Commie Hilfiger

Commie Hilfiger

 Houston, Texas, USA

Communist Action Comedy Punk Superstars; COMMIE HILFIGER!

Commie Hilfiger forces consumers to renounce their capitalist ways through a barrage of brutally militant stage antics. These persuasive tactics include, marching drums in the crowd, scripted banter, costume changes, props, interactive audio cues and brilliantly absurd synchronized dance routines.


People often ask… is it possible to be kicked out of Russia for being TOO communist? Yes. Yes it is. Meet Commie Hilfiger. When four retired KGB agents grew increasingly restless after the fall of the Soviet empire they began to seek out a new land to sow the seeds of the revolution. After much consideration the comrades agreed to set up headquarters in Houston Texas - a mecca of consumerism/capitalism and of course, the home of former Russian Olympic Champion Svetlana Boginskaya.

The members quickly realized that the most effective way to capture the hearts and souls of mindless consumer youth is to put down their weapons and pick up guitars. Delivering a theatrical and hilarious live performance, the band continues to build an army of commie converts at an alarming rate. With a catchy blend of quirky punk, powerful rock & roll and fist-raising anthemic sing-alongs, Commie Hilfiger will topple your country’s capitalist infrastructure.

As you’re reading this, the comrades are gassing up their Yugo, polishing their boots and heading your way. The revolution is coming…it is impossible to resist! So bring Commie Hilfiger to your town and we’ll party like it’s 1917*.

*1917 – the year of the Bolshevik Revolution



Recorded and Produced and released independently by Commie Hilfiger

1. Manifesto
2. My Car Keeps Stalin
3. It’s Time
4. Cuban Missile Crisis

Set List

Commie Hilfiger is currently performing in 100-500 capacity live music venues in Texas and Louisiana. A dressing room for costume changes and house lighting director are preferred but not required.

Stage plot consists of two guitars, one 5-piece drum set, one bass, three vocal mics, and an ipod (direct imput) for band operated audio cues (from stage).