Common 3rd

Common 3rd


Two frontmen who love to put on a show as much as they love music. That's the way to describe Common 3rd. Common 3rd is all about Pop Rock but more importantly they're about making music for everyone to enjoy. They've put themselves on each and every song to share to the masses. Just music.


Most people think of three people when they think of Common 3rd. Don't let the name fool you. Although you'll see a triplet on stage, the only members in the band are the two frontmen themselves Gabe and Aaron. Gabe and Aaron write all of the songs and record them all as well. With two albums under their collective belts, they've made a stand as a new kind of artist. Gabe and Aaron work with "live" drummers at each event. Influenced by a wide variety of music ranging from the Foo Fighters to Motion City Soundtrack; From Greenday to Butch Walker. Gabe and Aaron write music with a lot of meaning and a lot of feeling in them. Common 3rd is a band that's persistent in making sure people are enjoying themselves and having a good time. So dedicated, that they don't even treat "shows" as "shows" but rather as "events". Its about music.


Common 3rd - Self Titled
Common 3rd - Prelude to a Storm

Prelude to a Storm is the latest 2005 release from Common 3rd with singles that have streamed the internet.

Set List

Our set list usually differs from event to event. Each set list is carefully thought out to lead-in to another song or into some sort of interactive section. Songs are roundly about 4.00 minutes long featuring about 8 songs in a set. Common 3rd features all of their own music at each show. Below is a set list in the language they understand best:

1.Cranberry Juice
2.That One Song
3.What Matters Most
6.One Second Longer
7.March 1st
8.Freaks, Geeks and the Nightmare Kids

Symbolism means a lot to us.
"E" for us means a section of interactivity
"G" for us means a section of blending or leading in(usually a musical piece)
"Legend" is the all famous "E" that was dubbed an actual name.

Complex enough?

Makes for a damn good show.