Common Ground

Common Ground


Their songs kick ass, and they look hot. Every club owner says they're the best they've had in their club, and the band has singles on the radio already. Someone is going to make a shitload of money off of Common Ground. Why not you?


Since its inception in May of 2003, COMMON GROUND has released two, 4-song EPs, both of which generated radio and industry interest alike, toured nationally, playing over 50 shows a year, opened for several major acts, and acquired numerous sponsorships. These accomplishments have been the result of COMMON GROUND’s dedication to a model of success, goal setting, and overall professionalism in the industry.

COMMON GROUND’s most recent EP, released in early 2005, was recorded in Sacramento at the reknowned Pus Cavern, which has released demos for the likes of the Deftones, Papa Roach, Oleander, and Cake. The track “Runaway” has received airplay on 99.3 - MIX, 106.1 - 106X, 106.7 - ZROCK, 98.1 - 98ROCK, 96.9 – KROG. It was put into regular rotation on 106X and ZROCK due to overwhelming listener response.

“We get more requests for “Runaway” than any other song currently in rotation.” - BIG JIM, Program Director 106.X

Over time, the band has achieved and sustained a regular income through consistent touring and merchandise sales. This coupled with the recent addition of several sponsors has helped the band reach new levels of independence. Breaking new ground every day, the future promises to see the band accomplish even more as they continue to demand attention from fans and industry.


2004 - Common Ground (self-titled) ep, single: Mimic
2005 - "Runaway" ep, singles: Runaway, Tell Me

Runaway and Tell Me currently in regular rotation.
Mimic and Runaway recently featured in independent film, "Vigilantes".

Set List

Last Time, Recognize, Believe, Everything Falls, Say Goodbye, Tell Me, Leech, Rumors, Shadows, Runaway, Walk the Sky (accoustic), Breathe In

Set time: 45 minutes
no covers