Common Man

Common Man

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA

its a little bit country, folk, and rock all mixed together.


Natural Touch has played all over the United States. Has played the Strawberry Music Festival, Neveda State Fair, and was recorded on two Cds compilation at the Burning Man Festival in 1999 & 2000. College's I have played at Fresno State, LSU, Texas Un., Old Miss., Kansas St., Berkley, Un. of Reno, Duke,


High on the Sea

Written By: duke gunnar

to show and go
first you got to peddle
and hope that liars aren't wild
and the weather to be mild

and when the captain's crew
is high on the seas
and the chinese are far away
there nothing left to do

but have another drink
cause the course of life is headed into the realm
because freedom is having fun

and when the we sail into the horizon
you know that lifes an adventure
that surely needs to be nurtured

may God shine his everlasting mercy
and be graciuos
and answer each and every mans prayers


twentyfour away
the high seas today looking for fortune and fame and seeking thier glory

some good bye to thier wives
others to thier lovers
but me I'm ready to go because freedom is the sea to roaam

and when the captains crew starts to razzle dazzle
you know the job has been done right
even though its double time

and a toast to the wind that blows
that ship that goes
and a lass that loved a sailor
I wonder if she thinks about me

and when I look into the starry night
beneath the mist of a moonlight
it reminds me of you
under romantic candlelights

chorus repeats


High on the Seas
Wish You Were Here
Produceing first CD " Love is a Gamble "

Set List

1 to 2 hours long. 1. The Queens Glad, 2. How Many More Times, 3. What I Can Get From Others, 4. Rock'en Roll Princess, 5. Down in the Valley 6. Muireetta's Revenge, 7. Maybe, 8. Summer Soul Tease, 9. Test of Time, 10. Uncle Joe's Analogy, 11. Endless Summer, 12. Autumn, 13. Wish You Were Here, 14. Seating on a Mountain Side, 15. Chance Moment,16. High on the Seas, 17. Sex Lady 18. Soft Shoulder, 19. Hands of Time, 20. Smile upon Your Face, 21. Believe, 22.Unique Lover, 23. Natural Touch. Covers: Beatles