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Common Man

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Enlightening, thought-provoking, and totally fresh. A sound not easily duplicatable. Don't worry about mistaking Common Man for another in this lifetime!


Common Man (aka Cesaron White) is exactly what the stage name implies... yet simultaneously focused and unique. The name has many inspirations all rooted to the fact that the original 12 disciples of Jesus Christ were common people. He found his passion and received his calling for this art and ministry while still in the United States Air Force. The most notable trait observed during his term of service was his uplifted, positive and people oriented demeanor. Those facets of his personality are just as tangible in song as they are in person.

After being seen in a local Christian bookstore open mic session, local Holy Hip Hop giant NameLess met him then sought to develop and further focus his skills... NameLess was contributing to a sound now distinctively christian, however appealing to the listener of any background. When asked "have you always been into Hip Hop" the knee-jerk response is "believe it or not, I used to hate it. Back in the day when I lived in California... I only listened to country. That lasted until I moved to Houston. Performance-wise, I began singing gospel, and I still do. I perform Hip Hop because there is so much more that can be said, you never know what that next thing is that will spark a Christ-centered and life changing decision in a listener's life."

It is awesome to see that even after marriage and several other life changes Ces White remains steadfast and eager to touch that next individual with the hand of God, and in the form of song.

There are many different possibilities out there on the horizon. The Common Man Music Ministry is just getting warmed up!

Hip-Hop in and of itself is so versatile. I believe it is one of the music genres fully attached to one's soul and the expressions thereof.

The greatest and most humbling experience has been when I opened for Krystal Meyers at her concert in Saint Louis July 2006.

The most fulfilling performance was at an outdoor black community event that thousands attended.



Written By: Common Man


come on

Christ writers, make the price higher

don't wait until you've paid the pied piper

I'm not the new Elijah

just another brother like any other

with Christ all over me smothered and,

Oh, hi, my name is

Don't ask what my name is

If I think I’m famous

is my vision aimless

thought pattern changed you don't know what my game is

if your joystick ain't Christ your game is aimless

so stop,

listen to one another

we're all fam, stop down talking one another

Dis still means disrespect

Christ said do the opposite come on recollect

better yet, pick a set, Christ lovers or not

enemies are better than fake friends you've got

I can't just leave it there

if you can't see the light of Christ,

you've got to be visually impaired

I can't just leave it there

Satan is everywhere, you say that he isn't there

but you're faking and you're aware of it...

Kid's thuggin and whatever makes you happy

well, if you had a clue you wouldn't need a super-nanny

apparently parenting went a bad direction

what would life be like if all the children had correction

protection from the traps

maybe minor discretion, huh?

never mind, ces is wasting breath abusing the respirator trying to teach you a lesson

opting not to rupture an internal vessel stressing

My optic is left in... History

God is so out of sight, spite of it all he christened me?

forget a chorus I'm showing you where to go

for real I'm about to take you deeper than do-do in snow

this is pertinent I ought to go slow

if you truly have a question then see me after the show

my clothes are no concern, nor the money I earn

keep a faithful mind and your true worth will be confirmed

your car, your bling, stay here when you expire

quit focusing so hard on your material desire

This part of the flow you can open your heart

recognize if you were sent to be set apart

if you never accepted God... time to reconsider

the road to right is small the pathway to wrong is bigger

way of least resistance but think f the bigger picture

do you want a drug to get you well, or get you sicker?

Switch teams if your life was rubbish

He's the God above all others

all of us say Whoa


Yo, I work for God

I hope that's not an issue

If so I'll never quit so I suggest you grab a tissue

'cause if it means goodbye then honestly I'd rather miss you

than compromise the only God that brought me into existence

He gave me direction

He gave me protection... awesome is the Lord

free life is a blessing

he woke you this morning... awesome is the Lord

you've got breath to breathe... awesome is the Lord

maybe food to eat... awesome is the Lord

He gave you conviction... awesome is the Lord

He broke your addiction... awesome is the Lord

He gave up His Son... awesome is the Lord

Just Praise


Elevated EP due at the end of 2006

Set List

TBD per show