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Common Man

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Common Man is ironically different... Not accentric, not boring, but something else. Sure the music is hot, but the focus is Christ and the Kingdom. Period.


Gospel Hip Hop artist, Common Man (CM) travels near and far on a quest to share (by means of intriguing beats and thoughtful lyrics) Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven. What do you listen to? Chances are, Common Man has something that appeals directly to you even if you are not a "Hip Hop Head". That is one of the many appeals of this talented young artist.

Another notable attribute is CM’s spirit and persona. Fans and listeners at live shows often comment on how “He just has a good time, and has a genuine interest in sharing the gospel... It’s like he’s having a party and we’re invited!”

An esteemed poet and writer since youth, Common Man began singing his own original material in 2004. In 2005 he began performing songs as rap, then fully submerged himself in the genre of Holy Hip Hop. As time passed God gave increase and supplied for his debut album, Element in 2007... a smooth, jazzy and melodic themed project. CM has performed at many shows with every type of crowd... from coffee shops and smaller intimate gatherings to festivals and larger concerts city to city and state to state. His Focus project released in 2009 is a culmination of growth in skill and spiritual wisdom -with enough lyricism, character, and diversity of style to keep him easily distinguishable from the crowd!

The Name... "Common Man” is not a description, it's a message. “How's that” you say? Well, it's in place for those who don't believe in themselves or feel that somehow they aren't good enough for God to use them. Now... if an almighty God can create this majesty of beauty and function within our ecosystem that surrounds us... How can He NOT use the only creatures made in His own image? There are so many examples of God using what we would call "common" people. Not necessarily the Kings. Not the religious leaders of the time... People with real problems, struggles, low income, bad habits, temptation, and crime history. No lie -God uses "Common" people. How do you think he wants to use you?


Jesus,John Reuben, Rob Hodge, Da TRUTH, Thousand Foot Krutch, KJ-52, more...



2007 Album: Element, Common Man's debut project
2007 Christ Hitmakers Mixtape Vol 1
2008 Christ Hitmakers Mixtape Vol 2
2009 Album: FOCUS

Set List

No covers, all original. The following list is a generic arrangement, I always tailor the message and music to the crowd and/or event.

Set is 30 minutes to 50 minutes, run-time can be altered depending on event requirements.

Song List (changes depending on target audience) (Lyrics are availible to promoters and event coordinators upon request, at artist discretion)

Order my Steps
C up 3 Down
Da Feva (Disco Track)
Stop Running
Spoken Word
Love Hop
Grey Area
My Jam

This material is very good for crowd-participation regardless of the age group. The mood ranges from typical high-energy to deep and serious, or a calm groove.