Common Market

Common Market

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"The most exciting thing happening in Seattle music." - John Richards, KEXP 90.3 FM


Common Market is creating a well-deserved buzz in the underground hip-hop scene. With a style that is at once nostalgic and progressive, the duo presents a beautiful balance of classic flavor and current social commentary. Sabzi's music has a signature sound, and RA Scion is unapologetic in his passionate delivery. Common Market is the result of a relentless persuit towards great music, and hopefully, a glimpse of what the future holds for hip-hop.

RA Scion is a seasoned emcee steeped in the vibes of hip-hop's golden era. His relentless passion for the artform coupled with his tireless effort to serve a greater purpose define him as an artist in a genre increasingly devoid of substantive entertainers. This project, RA's third release to- date, is undoubtedly his most focused lyrical offering; just one listen leaves an impression on the most skeptical critic. RA Scion is the hallmark of this hip-hop rennaissance movement.

Sabzi is brilliance on a track. His skillfull manipulation of sounds and samples make him among the most sought-after producers in the Northwest. As a classically trained pianist, Sabzi commands a mastery of the keys that brings melody back to the music. Sabzi's beats are immediately identifiable, ensuring that his fresh imprint on hip-hop will be around for years to come.


Common Market - release date 10.10.06
Connect Four 12" - 8.07.06