Our music is very easy to catch on to in a live concert. Alot of energy and musicianship.


Austin and Brentice started playing at the of 11 years old. It was call Co2, the sound was awesome
that they had produce. Song writing became easyer
after they promoter up them up for a there first tour
with Relient K. But Relient K promoters did want them to tour with a band that didn't have a drummer. So Austin and Brentice hang tough and keep on writing. By the end of summer 02 Austin join Youth quake live, which is like a Saturday night
live for teens in Jacksonville Florida, and They tour all over churches in jacksonville that can handle fifteen hundred and more. Willie join the yoth quake live band that same year and austin knew willie would be perfect of his band. At the end of the youth quake live tour down in the Jacksonville landing may of 03. Austin ask willie if he would join
his band they had just change they name from Co2
to Commonplace. Willie said yes afterall his band just broke up after playing for too years. His band open up show for some major name band such as jars of clay, Grits, Showbread, Showdown, Dizmas,
Skillet, Jump 5, Ace troubleshooter and many more.
He also play at Murray hill theatre, UNF, and Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. We have alot of band influences we have seen on mtv, bet, and fuse. Relient K was our first influence that we look up to because there songs was very catch and fun to sing along to. Other bands like Emery, Anberlin,
Underoath, Mutemath, Pillar, Yellowcard, Blink182, Fu fighters, Mae, and Dizmas. Those bands have very high energy shows, catch chorus's,
and great musicianship that is noticible in there shows. Our band has been all of our lives, our family
are a musically family. We play more than normal and we practice more than normal. After every show we gain more fans and we impress the rest with our stage pressence, energy, and sound.


Only one

Written By: Asutin Minard, Brentice Bush, Willie Chambliss

Running faster/ Getting Stronger/ in the light/ I'm waiting longer/ emptiness/ inside of me/ completely filled/ eternally/( You are my only one/ I'll never let you go/ you are my only one/ and I just want you to know/ that I need you here/ right by my side/ when Iam feeling low/ I need you here/ right by my side/ you are my only one)/ Jumping japs/
filling space/ moving freely/ in this place/simple lyrics/ simple done/ you
truly are my only one/Mixed emotions/ teenage love/ a twisted race/ of push and shove/ a darkened world/ of pain and grief/ made good by you/ my strong belief

Listen to my voice

Written By: Austin Minard, Brentice, Willie Chambliss

I said listen to my voice now/ it's going to be a long time/ complete misunderstanding are part of the design/ of my life/ roll the dice/ your turn has come/ please roll the dice/I said listen to my voice now/ it's going to be a long time/ complete misunderstanding are part of the design/ of my life/ roll the dice/ your turn has come/ you took the fast lane/ without looking back/ and now you realize that consequences they go on/ and begging is not a pretty song/ but at least they say life goes on/ because the futures telling you your luck's run out/ I said listen to my voice now/ it's gonna be a long ride/ you they're gonna tell you what you've got in mind/ turn away/ face the day/ I think it's time to say

Mr. Getup

Written By: Austin Minard, Brentice Bush, Willie Chambliss

You said that I'll never fight another day/ or simply escape the complacency/ that seems to come so willingly/ and i'd get up offthe ground. You toldme not to make a sound/ But now you're scared cause you seem to have found/ that you push me around but you don't see/ I don't go down so easily/ so shove me around cause can't win/ So knock me flaton the ground/I'll rise again/ you said that l'd get out of this cell/ you locked me up and wished me well/ but you didn't know there'd be more left to tell/ and I couldn't be left for dead/ so I decided to do something instead/ so then I looked right in you face and said/ you push me around but you don't see/ I don't go down that easily/ so shove me around because you can't win/ so knock me flat on the ground I'll rise again/ and you've gotta bring it on


LPs is call- Commonplace
the sub cation is- Listen to my voice
None has play on the radio ,but one
of our songs have been play on the Wb
for a commercial.

Set List

Our typical set list is between 6 to 12 songs maybe
more if the crown wants a oncore. We usually start
with Mr. getup which is the number six on the cd or
a new song call Everybodys making long title song so we decided to jump on the band wagon. We sometime pick some well known song to do as a cover song.