Common Prayer

Common Prayer

 New York City, New York, USA

Common Prayer's jangly indie eclectica features addictive hooks cobbled together with found sounds, crowd harmonies & scrap-metal percussion. From Brooklyn, they've signed to Neil Halstead's (Mojave 3, Slowdive) label in the UK, & garnered high praise from the BBC, NME, & the blogosphere at large.


In the english village of Steventon, Oxfordshire, songwriter / principal heretic Jason Sebastian Russo and a constituency of british pop talent (the founders of Steventon's 13-year-old Truck music festival) hauled several half-tuned guitars, myriad scraps of rusty metal and a piano with a knee-high flood watermark into a cow barn on Hill Farm. So was born 'There Is A Mountain,' the first album by Common Prayer, so far critically acclaimed everywhere from Brooklyn's buzzing indierock blogosphere to NME and the BBC.

In the album's eleven elaborately cinematic outsider-pop tracks, violin innuendos and organ riffs tangle with scrap metal samples and found sounds. While thoughtful and often somber in theme, Russo's songs are playfully bizarre, informed by extensive field research in the life of the heartbroken, reckless, romantic and mentally ill from a reflective and victorious post-everything perspective.

The band has just signed to Big Potato Records, a british label founded in part by Neil Halstead (of Slowdive, Mojave 3). 'There is a Mountain' was released digitally in North America on South Cherry Entropy (Russo's own imprint of Virtual Label) on June 1, 2010. Big Potato released the album digitally in the UK July 26, 2010, with a CD release set for October 11, 2010.


"There Is A Mountain" (South Cherry Entropy / Big Potato Records 2010)

Set List

Marriage Song
Us Vs. Them
Sara G
Free Air
[ Of Saints ]
[ God Is Near (Hopewell cover) ]
Everything & More
Love -> Building On Fire (David Byrne cover)