Common Strings

Common Strings


An acoustic vocal group. We are contemporary Bluegrass/Folk. Our foundation is the music of the Appalaichian mountains. We are releasing our first CD for Lou Bell Records, Knoxville Tn. in Oct. The CD contains 11 originial songs that we wrote. Our cover songs are non standard bluegrass songs.


Common Strings began over five years ago when Darron and Vanessa first met. They knew from the first song they sang together that it was ment to be. Vanessa is a true natural born singer from the mountains of Kentucky. Darron is from the mountains of north Georgia, so the two found the that the Common Strings, were the Mountains and the love of the Music. Blake joined the group over two years ago. He brings amazing instrumentation and vocals. His musical influences range from jazz to classicial, from rock to blues, he brings a fresh style to old music. Ethan Walker, the yougest and newest member of CS is fastly becoming a seasond musician. His talent has not been fully tapped, and he will soon be a name mention with the great bass players.


The Rain Came Down

Written By: Vanessa Nichols

On a dark and stormy mornin is when it all came down, nothin left to be said, it didnt matter anyhow. Tryin to make him understand had taken its toll, so she packed her bags and headed for the door,(course)
And the rain came down, like the tear drops on her face, one last look at what just happened at that place. Years of heartache had left her headed down a highway that has no end, and the rain came down.

Well she thought things would be different with the one she truly loved, nothing else mattered to her in this world. She finally came to know that, they are things you cant control and your heart well tell you when its time to go.
Now the highway has a lonley soul and it cares not who you are, it just leaves you with the longing to go home.


2004, Single Set of Footprints. indi
Air play, World Wide, WDBX on the Web Knoxville TN, WQLA LaFollett TN, WLSB Copperhill TN,

2008, The Rain Came Down, Lou Bell Records
Release date Oct. 1 2008
Single, Mountain Laurel aired August 2, 2008 on World Wide
Mountain Laurel will be relearsed to all Bluegrass programs on September 1 through Bluegrass Radio Power.

Set List

We strive to entertain all the listeners. It is our mission to take the audience on musical roll-a-coaster ride. We want them to laugh, cry, and walk away humming a tune.