Toronto, Ontario, CAN

With the spotlight in the music industry constantly shifting, Commonwealth plays a style that is refreshingly honest for their young age. Sounding like a fusion of the ambient timbre of The Kings of Leon and the captivating hooks of The Fray, Commonwealth rejects the materialism of today’s Pop music, placing emotion above synthetic production with their reflective lyrics and dynamic instrumentation. Working with the same producer as Keith Richards and David Bowie, Commonwealth has worked furious


Commonwealth is an up and coming pop band from Newmarket, Ontario. Consisting of Tyler Fyfe (Vocals/Guitar), Chris Macfarlane (Lead Guitar), Jake Burling (Bass) and Chris Bar (Drums), Commonwealth formed in 2009 and since then has worked furiously to develop their sound. They have worked with Sam Reid (Glass Tiger) and most recently with Producer Glen Robinson (Keith Richards, David Bowie) to release their self-titled debut EP on Itunes in the winter of 2011. Earlier that year, Commonwealth beat out over 200 Toronto bands to take first place in a citywide Battle of the Bands hosted by Landmark Events. With an emphasis on catchy song writing and energetic live performances, Commonwealth is a band emerging on the horizon. Stay tuned to for updates about show listings and band news.


Commonwealth EP (2011)- 6 Songs