Commotion is comprised of some the most in-demand players in the Northwest. Incorporating elements of funk, reggae, hip hop, and the use of live samples, Commotion is a group that you do not want to miss!


Formed in 2007, Commotion is an all-star group compromised of some of the most talented musicians in the Northwest. Combining impressive jams with vocals and live samples creates a sound that's all their own. Ben Darwish's projects have continually met critical acclaim and this may be his most significant group yet. Chris Mosley is a highly versatile guitarist, using fretted and fretless guitars to create his own exhilarating sound. Bass player, Sam Howard, holds a heavy pocket and takes care of backing vocals. Both Mosley and Howard are accomplished composers as well. Drummer Russ Kleiner is the powerhouse behind the band. After playing with New York groups like jam-masters ULU and 7-piece hip-hop group, The Square Egg, Kleiner is well versed in all styles. In addition, Kleiner is behind the live samples that add to their distinct sound.

Please check the calendar for a list of upcoming shows.


Radio singles: Fiasco and Countryside.
Full length release in Winter '09.

Set List

Example set. Sets are usually 1-2 hours in length.

We Americans
Just The Usual
Contusion (Stevie Wonder cover)
Bomb Shelter
Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix cover)