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Antioch, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Antioch, Illinois, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Alternative




"Commove Taking Over?"

Self-Titled / CoMMoVe
T.J. Schmidt
It is no big secret that listening to music is an emotional
engagement. You don't listen to music to figure out algebraic
equations! Music creates laughs, smiles, and tears. Some even use
it to help extinguish anger. Boxers and MMA fighters walk to
the ring while their "fight" song is played over the loudspeakers.
Marching bands perform at sporting events to help keep the level
of energy up in the stands. Music does not have a shelf life. Music
is an immortal, social, and uncritically accepted phenomenon.
Businesses have found success by creating products that help
advance the industry and the tools used to create music. There
is never a bad time for a good record. There is never a day when
creativity will be used up and music will have fonndiuailing.
Pat Donahoe feels the same way and 2 years ago set out to write
a record. This new record was going to be with a new band and a
new philosophy. CoMMoVe was born, a mind without a face, and
a face without a name. The emotion was there and someone needed
to excite angrily.
Commove is;
Pat Donahoe – Guitars
Sean Rennau - Vocals,
Trevor Lutz - Bass Guitar
Mike Graziano - Drums
This is another fine example of a band that was created out of the ashes
of their past. Pat has been a successful regional rock musician in
Chicago for years, having been a member of bands like Redshirt.
Trevor is from the band P.A.O.F. and Sean was
the front man for a very successful Rock cover band in the west
suburbs. Sometimes you do what you do because you think it's
the right thing, not necessarily what feels great. Yon will only stay
sane for so long before your gut gets the best of you
to be satisfying, when it isn't; it's time for a change. It's time for
something new and different.
When I sat down with Pat, Sean, and Trevor, I asked them a few
Questions about the band, the record, and how they feel about our
local scene. The new record is self-titled. Mostly because "Music to
Kill Yourself Too" would be hard to sell, said Pat jokingly. 12 tracks
make up this debut full length release. "I wanted to be in a band
that wrote music that I would want to listen to." said Pat.
I recently read a comment by a local band that made me question
how genuine the musicians were in our local scene. I am not
questioning anyone's genuine love of music, but their desire to be
in a successful band. I cast no judgments on anyone's feelings about
their art or decisions they make. This was an opportunity for me
to learn more about the community of musicians I live in, and the
different philosophy's they carry. The comment was, "we're realists
and know when to quit." Boy was I excited angrily. Quitting is
not a word you will hear any of the guys from CoMMoVe use in
regards to their music. When I asked them where they wanted to
be in the next 6, 12, and 24 months, these were their responses.

Sean said "writing the second rccord."

Trevor said "touring 6-10 months out of the year."

Pat said "in 6 months I would like to have industry support, 12
months doing some mini tours supporting a national act, and 24
months should see the new record release."

Every band has a member that has a loose answer for everything,
and a member who has a logical, thought out, and executable
answer for everything. Pat is the latter. He is serious about his
art and the business of it. So much so, he has built a Pro Tools
Studio in his home capable of putting out a distribution ready
product. The band did do the recording themselves. This allowed
the time to make as great of a record as they could without money
causing issues. The music is heavy, in sound and baggage. The
guys unloaded like a machine gun on these 12 tracks. Chris Hall
(Stabbing Westward) wrote the track "Alone." Sean massaged the
lyrics, adding his personal touch.
The album should be out shortly after this magazine is printed and
distributed. I have a copy, lucky me! Check out the review in the
next issue and the band will have a track on the compilation. This
band takes themselves very serious. This isn't about chicks and beer
pong, this is about emotion. This is a form of expression that does
not require a direct response. These songs were written to make you
feel something. Come move with me.

- Billboard Online

"Commove-A Game Changer"

The aptly self titled full length release from CoMMoVe
is a synchronous blend of rock’s ability to stir. This is
the kind of record that will be more likely to become a
loud response to your day and less likely to be any sort of
cure. Thankfully we have plenty of cold remedies on the
shelves of our local drug stores. What we need are more
records that are artful, honest, well recorded; records that
remind us that music still does exist outside of cans and
combo meals.
Nothing like a first impression, Nothing Real is a great
dance with the guitars. I get a great Scott Weiland/Perry
Farrell yell across most of this record. Scattered throughout
this whole record are little remnants of singers we adored
in the 90’s. Where that normally makes an album feel
dated, the songwriting is original enough that it creates
new version of an old feel. That’s what good rock does.
I really love Blue Halo. The guitars’ and drums work
well together in this song. The drummer subtly defines
his own existence in Solstice and Conviction, without
sacrificing the grace of the song as a whole.
The 4 craftsmen on this record aren’t reinventing the
wheel. On this record they remind us how far you can
get when you enjoy the ride. In an attempt to be fair, I
was a little bummed I didn’t get more lyrics. Not more
vocals, I want more words to work with. But I still feel
that way about Nirvana. On that note, Love Let Her Be,
My favorite track, probably the fewest lyrics of any of
the tracks on this record. CoMMoVe is available at live
performances and all over the net. - Feedback


Commove's self-titled debut was independantly put out in 2011. The label re-release is in spring 2012. The self-titled debut has already been used in over 3 movies. This album already has a buzz.



Award winning Commove is a 4-piece rock band that has been described in the same genre of music as Filter, Stabbing Westward, Janes Addiction and Soundgarden with a modern twist. Some people have described the music as "Acid Rock"...the 70's term also often used to describe Pink Floyd.
-Tom morello of Rage Against the Machine says "Great sound!"
-Chris Hall of Stabbing Westward says "Amazing guitar and vocals."
-Doug Sax of The Mastering Lab says "This is one of best bands I've worked with since Pink Floyd. They really have something to say!"
-Robert Martin of M3 records says "This band is a game changer!. They are going to be huge!".


-Global Music Award "Nothing Real"

-Best Music Video - "Nothing Real" -Los Angeles Film and Script Festival

-Tele Award - "Best use of music in short film-Alone"

-Award of Merit - "Nothing Real"-accolade competition

-Best Music Video "Nothing Real"- 2014 G.I.Film Festival, Washington, DC

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