Antioch, Illinois, USA

After a bidding war, Commove was signed to a Los Angeles, CA based label (M3 Records) by the President of the label after only 9 shows. Commove reminds people of what it was like to watch Janes Addiction, Black Sabbath or U2 for the first time.


Award winning Commove is a 4-piece rock band that has been described in the same genre of music as Filter, Stabbing Westward, Janes Addiction and Soundgarden with a modern twist. Some people have described the music as "Acid Rock"...the 70's term also often used to describe Pink Floyd.
-Tom morello of Rage Against the Machine says "Great sound!"
-Chris Hall of Stabbing Westward says "Amazing guitar and vocals."
-Doug Sax of The Mastering Lab says "This is one of best bands I've worked with since Pink Floyd. They really have something to say!"
-Robert Martin of M3 records says "This band is a game changer!. They are going to be huge!".


-Global Music Award "Nothing Real"

-Best Music Video - "Nothing Real" -Los Angeles Film and Script Festival

-Tele Award - "Best use of music in short film-Alone"

-Award of Merit - "Nothing Real"-accolade competition

-Best Music Video "Nothing Real"- 2014 G.I.Film Festival, Washington, DC


Commove's self-titled debut was independantly put out in 2011. The label re-release is in spring 2012. The self-titled debut has already been used in over 3 movies. This album already has a buzz.

Set List

Our set list is typically 30-45 minutes currently as we have been doing a lot of opening slots.