Communist Kayte
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Communist Kayte

San Jose, California, United States | SELF

San Jose, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Communist Kayte Press"

*Channeling Senator Joseph McCarthy*
I have here, a list of 205 or 57 or 81 known Communists. And I can say that Communist Kayte is NOT on that list. Whoa! That was weird. Ok, I’m back now, although I feel a little tipsy after that. Old Tail-Gunner Joe loved his whiskey. But getting back to Communist Kayte, I wonder where they got their name from. Author (and I use that term loosely) Jerome Corsi called Katie Couric “Little Katie Communist.” But you won’t see Communist Kayte debouch on stage waving red flags around. What you’ll get is a band whose goal is to bring melodic pop punk back. That sound has waned a little bit since the 90s and early 2000s – thanks a lot, emo. Communist Kayte respects the past and will be one the crest of the second wave, whenever it comes. Tonight is a trio of EP releases from this band, And Then There Was Zax and Stickup Kid. – Beau Dowling -


Shut Up -EP
(Self-Produced and Released. Recorded at Castle Ultimate Studios. All Rights Reserved.)



Communist Kayte is a San Jose based Alternative Pop Rock band formed in 2010. The band defines their music not as unique or never been heard, but as “refreshing.” Communist Kayte’s music is good straight forward alternative rock that shows their individuality and true colors. The songs consist of cleverly formed hooks, catchy lyrics and sing along style choruses for the fans to chant at their shows. Communist Kayte will give a great live performance, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Communist Kayte has respect for the pop/punk days of old.
Blink 182, Simple Plan and Sum 41 are a few styles the band have enjoyed and respected over the years. Though music has taken a turn to more emotional heart throb type pop rock, Communist Kayte stays firm in their roots of kick in the ass, blow your speakers out on a road trip rock and roll.

This unstoppable 4 piece machine known as Communist Kayte has the whole world ahead of them and they are winning over
the hearts of the fans one by one, each and every day. So take a listen and enjoy the ride.