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"Top 10 Local Albums of 2011"

"It’s truth that Bloomington is full of musicians, but what’s even better, is that it is full of musical families. When it comes to the Romy brothers (Matt and Nick), the combination of both their skills as musicians and vocalists is simply amazing. Their chemistry has come together in a number of musical projects over the years, but Community Currency, mostly the songwriting of Matt Romy, brought the brothers and their talented musical friends together for a collection of songs about life’s simple lessons. Mixing their multiple-genre influences, Labor of Love features every style from country to jazz to even punk. Also, the fierce fiddling of Susan Anderson is not to be taken lightly." - Nicole O'Neal, HipsterSpinster, -

"Community Currency Persevere EP"

Community Currency is a 5 piece band from Bloomington Indiana. They are a folk project with tag team vocals and a sometimes aggressive streak in their compositions. They have previously released a 13 track album entitled Labor of Love in 2011 from TWD favorite Reel Recording. Most recently, their new EP Persevere came out April 5th and is a five track release with four originals and one lovely cover of Willie Nelson's classic Crazy.

When Will I Know is a country waltz and ballad that deals nostalgia and emotional uncertainty through harmony and melody as only seasoned veterans can.

The final track on the EP is Crazy. Their sparse and honest interpretation of the song does not disappoint next to the likes of Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline. This song is unfailingly refreshing and Community Currency manages to inject their own voice while remaining true to a composition that comes with the burden of a recording history. -

"Community Currency - Labor of Love"

"Reared on punk but studied in jazz and classical theory and technique, the Romy brothers have considerable talent and the heart to match. Primarily a keyboardist, Matt took on nearly everything to record [Labor of Love], playing keys, guitar and most of the drum tracks, with Nick covering the bass and the rest of the drums. A few friends were called in for odds and ends, most of them now making up the current live band...My favorite cut, "One of the Greatest Things," could fall under the "folk punk" umbrella, a blitzkrieg of chugging snare, bass runs and a kick-ass organ solo. All this power is fueled by love, paying tribute to family..."Car, Or Bike, Or Feet" is a shuffling, harmony-laden song about taking action...I'm up for anything from a group this talented." - greg0rb, -


Persevere EP - released April 5, 2012
Labor of Love - released May 11, 2011



Matt and Nick Romy grew up in Bloomington, Indiana. They both took piano lessons for the better part of their childhoods. In high school Matt started playing jazz piano and Nick started learning bass. At the same time they developed a passion for punk rock and began teaching themselves and each other guitar and drums. They soon formed their first band and have played in numerous groups ever since. They both attended the IU Jacobs School of Music where they studied both jazz and classical music and honed their knowledge of theory and composition. It was at this time they also became interested in folk, country, and roots music and began experimenting with blending the various styles that they had come to appreciate. After some mild successes and failures in various bands as sidemen they decided to form a new group that showcased their unique approach to writing and performing their own material. That group is Community Currency. They enlisted the help of their good friends and outstanding musicians Susan Anderson, Evan Galup, and Ben Fowler, who they had played with in other groups over the years. Last year they released their debut full length and most recently a 5-song EP. Now they really want to tour, play as many gigs as possible, and get their unique sound and positive message out there!