Community Service

Community Service


A high fevered, rock infused groove that makes you move with meaning


Community Service spawned from the back alleys of a standard southern town to envision a new kind of groove; one that vibrates and palpatates, punches and pushes, and funks you up. Talk to anyone after spending a little Community Service and they'll tell you it took days for their feet to recover. The dance floor will never be the same.

The purpose driving Community Service is rock with a hell of a roll. It blends a high standard musical punch with lyric sensitivity. The songs send messages of love and death, politics and opinion- all seethed through a constant funky undercurrent.
Vocal influences and comparisons range from Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley, with the musical stlylings of the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, MMW, Miles Davis, and the Allman Brothers.

The Service sends out mostly original material that uncovers new terittory in modern rock. Is it funk? Is it Rock? Fans can experience covers from Cream, Beatles, James Brown, Wayne Shorter, and, yes, even Michael Jackson. Since their arrival on the
"Heartland" scene a year ago, Community Service has done time in St. Louis cafes to Illinois wineries, from local bars and taverns to festivals in fields and caves. Every time the message is the same: It's time to change. The people are ready to dance. The floor is empty.

Community Service is ready to fill it.