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Mount Sinai, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Mount Sinai, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Pop Rock




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Como Brothers Band's 'Imagination' radio ready
August 7, 2015 by GLENN GAMBOA /

Mount Sinai brothers Matt and Andrew Como release
The Como Brothers Band catch the same pop-rock wave that has put Andy Grammer and American Authors all over Top 40 radio this summer on its new EP "Imagination."

The band, led by Mount Sinai brothers Matt and Andrew Como, have strung together six catchy songs that could easily find their way onto radio today. "Good Enough for Me" rides a laid-back groove across sunny verses to a memorable chorus that becomes an almost instant sing-along.

On "Chemicals," they go for a more alt-pop groove -- one that would sit nicely next to Echosmith or The Neighborhood -- while the piano-driven title track feels a bit more classic.

The Como Brothers Band has shown plenty of promise in the past three years, but with "Imagination" its potential now seems very real.

Como Brothers Band plays 2015 WUSB Benefest at Katie's, 145 W. Main St., Smithtown, on Aug. 23 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20. - Newsday


Matt and Andrew Como deliver a great blend between a bluesy, rock sound with a slightly pop vibe. Their songs are catchy, yet well crafted, and the hooks are melodically strong, yet light on the ears - Pancakes and Whiskey

"The Como Brothers - "Good Enough For Me""

Acoustified-pop in its purest form, Matt and Andrew Como’s sound blends a John Mayer-esque guitar-driven groove with an upbeat easiness: the result is an effortlessly infectious track destined for the charts. - Papercut Magazine

"The Como Brothers Band, Speed of Sound"

It is the propensity for mankind to classify the things around them. We like things to fit into a category with other things like it. And I am no different. That being said, I can’t seem to place the NY-based trio, The Como Brothers Band into one nice, neat little package. Just as it seems their four-track EP, Speed of Sound, starts to go in one direction, it takes an abrupt about face and heads another direction all together.

The EP opens to the hard-rocking “Underneath It All.” Effects-laden opening fuzz guitar soon surrenders to chord progression and melodic verse work. The heavy rock element is interwoven with pop melody but for a trio, these guys make a lot of music on what could easily become a radio-friendly single. The follow-up “You Are My World” slows the pace from agro to groovy blusey, opening with acoustic picking and slight backing percussion. At the chorus the track takes on a guitar tandem melody and harmonized vocals and sounds like it could easily be a B-side from a Guster album. “I Don’t Like You” with its staccato beat comes out of the gate reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age only laced with intermittent blues riff work over the steady backing chug of electric. The time change at the midpoint features near rap-like verse work before giving way to a soaring solo through to the ‘fade. The jangle opening of “Can I Be Matched With You” is a constant vein through more pop melody. Gone are the heavy rock guitar lines until the wah pedal solo at the midpoint. Again, the band has written an ideal 3:30 pop rocker that would do nicely in radio rotations.
Maybe it is good to be exclusionary and to eschew a “nice, neat little package.” The pop melody is there. The heavy effects-laden rock is there. The bent note blues stuff is even there. But it doesn’t strike me that the brothers Como are “searching” for a sound; it feels like they’ve found it and it just happens to be one amalgam of many. A respectable EP for the trio with so many facets, perhaps it should have been named the “Speed of Sounds.” Imagine what the full-length will sound like.
by Christopher West – - Skope Magazine

"Como Brothers Band"

Occasionally there is symmetry between band identity and song identity. The Como Brothers come straight at you with a mature rock sensibility on their EP The Speed of Sound.

I Don’t Like You and Can I Be Matched With You show the band’s love of the shuffle beat.
The well-crafted songs are consistent, and the style of the remainder of the music resides between an upbeat John Mayer and Steve Miller Band style harmonies. The song structure does not waste a note, flowing from verse to ending guitar solo in I Don’t Like You to a whistling solo a la Otis Redding in the feel good track You Are My World.

Overall, with a production this crisp and professional, the tracks could have sounded scrubbed and perfect like cliche pop music. These songs, however, are so well-crafted that the gloss doesn't distract; they could be right on a Lollapalooza side-stage, or a beach campfire on a couple of acoustic guitars.

The Como Brothers Band have that automatic sounding vocal tightness that represents The Speed of Sound overall. It is what pop rock should sound like in 2012… evolved and without pretense. - Round Magazine

"CD Review: The Como Brothers Band 'Speed of Sound' Worth the Rush Read more at Suite101: CD Review: The Como Brothers Band 'Speed of Sound' Worth the Rush |"

New York City rockers, The Como Brothers Band, have solid lyrics and catchy sound in debut EP.
Looking for a road-trip mix worth song? Looking for a band that has songs with good hooks and overall great arrangements - then The Como Brothers Band might be the best bet to add to your summer music collection. Their debut EP The Speed of Sound is a lean four-track collection, but the meaty guitar riffs and interesting lyrics make up for the lack of quantity.

The first track, "Underneath It All," is an interesting choice for an introductory song. While the overall feel is a solid pop rock piece, the vocals follow-along too closely to the backing music. There seemed to be no variation and it felt a bit lifeless. The guitar riffs take over and make this song interesting, as do the lyrics. The Como Brothers Band's lyrics really do tell a nice story hear and the listener feels drawn into this spell. Again, it is an okay song, but as this listener/writer got through the EP, it became apparent that "Underneath It All" is not the song that encapsulates this band.
Track two "You Are My World" turned it up a notch. This song really charmed this listener/writer. It felt fresh and sunny. Fans of Jason Mraz will dig this tune. It really is a lovely song.

In "I Don't Like You" The Como Brothers Band continues to create a likable sound. They are entertaining without being cheesy. They are lyrically-driven without being pretentious. This track has a solid beat to it, and like their previous tracks, the percussion is subtle and the chorus catchy. What they omit in harmony, they replace with moving blues-driven guitar riffs.

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Blues-Guitar Riffs
In "Can I Be Matched With You" the band really plays to its strength of power riffs and strong hooks. This song is a standout. The arrangement and hint of blues guitar riffs crunch along nicely. The overall feel of this song reminded this listener/writer of a band like Better Than Ezra or Gin Blossoms.

Overall CD Review is B+
Overall The Speed of Sound garners a B+ review. It took a few listens and even though "Underneath It All" did not showcase the band's raw talent and command of power riffs, the overall package is deserving. The Como Brothers Band have excellent song arrangements and their lyrics are never boring. The band does have quite a challenge ahead of them - to transition from a band that is merely a backing soundtrack. This writer/listener believes they have a song in their arsenal down the road that might become the soundtrack to some listeners' lives.

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"The Como Brothers Band – The Speed of Sound (CD) Read more:"

he Como Brothers Band begin their The Speed of Sound with Underneath It All. Underneath It All is a bold opening for the band, but is one that is ultimately matched by tremendous musicianship. The track bounces between an instrumental and vocal focus; the production of the track allows each piece of the band to shine brightly. The chorus will have listeners singing along shortly after their first listening; hints of Yellowcard and Rise Against can be heard in the Como Brothers Band’s style. You Are My World eschews the electrified sound of the initial track for a funkier, more acoustic feeling track.
The two worlds broached during this first half are very different, but the band is capable enough to tie each together in a coherent fashion. The guitar arrangements deserve further discussion; the intricate piece that kicks in at point belies the more simplistic style crafted by the track. I Don’t Like You speeds things back up but allows the guitars to take a focal point. Striving for dominance with the vocals, these guitars set the overall feeling of the track.
Hard rock blends with alternative to create something that could easily be on heavy rotation; I Don’t Like You would do perfectly alongside the Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age. The band ends their The Speed of Sound EP with Can I Be Matched With You. This track showcases the band’s jammier side. With these four cuts present, I believe that fans will be able to gain a proper appreciation for the band. I feel that the act will be able to expand nicely into the LP format with their next release.
Top Tracks: Underneath It All, Can I Be Matched With You

Read more: - Neufutur Magazine


JULY 27, 2012 - The immensely cool, windswept cover of The Speed of Sound, The Como Brothers Band’s debut EP, features a ’59 Pontiac Bonneville cruising along the beach in Long Island. The image fully captures the energy and optimism of the NYC based rock trio’s edgy, blues and funk driven vibe and their career trajectory these past few years. And it’s all forward motion from here, as Matt Como (lead vocals, bass), Andrew Como (lead vocals, lead guitar) and Dorian Costanzo (drums) were fan selected out of 20,000 bands to play the Uniondale, NY date (at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum) of the Vans Warped Tour 2012. Their fiery tune “Can I Be Matched With You?”--one of the four infectious tracks on the EP—was also recently placed on an episode of MTV’s “The Real World.” These are just the latest in an inspiring streak of accolades for the two Como Brothers and Costanzo, who grew up together in Long Island. Since they started gigging seriously in 2010, they’ve played at such historic venues as The Bitter End, Hard Rock Café in Times Square, National Underground, Fontana’s, the Alphabet Lounge, as well as local pubs like The Village Idiot in Patchogue. The band—unique in that both Como brothers are featured equally as lead singers--was also recently asked to play at Sullivan Hall. On their home base of Long Island, they’ve performed at the Long Beach Summer Series, Sunken Meadow and the Montauk Music Festival. They were also named Emerging Artists by S&IS Shortcut to Sony. All of this is even more remarkable because for much of this time, the band members have been enrolled as college students. - Rockwired Radio Profiles

"EP REVIEW: The Como Brothers - The Speed of Sound"

Artist: The Como Brothers
Album: The Speed of Sound
Label: Independent Artist
Genre: Rock
Sounds Like: Train, Gin Blossoms, Matchbox 20, The Killers, Modest Mouse.
Technical Grade: 8/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 8/10
Commercial Value: 8/10
Overall Talent Level: 8/10
Songwriting Skills: 10/10
Performance Skill: 8/10
Best Songs: Underneath it All, I Don’t Like You
Weakness: EP Release
CD Review: New York based The Como Brothers just released their latest EP entitled The Speed of Sound in 2012. The Como Brothers recently landed a spot on the Warped Tour and even licensed some music to MTV. Band members include Matt Como (lead vocals, bass), Andrew Como (lead vocals, lead guitar) and Dorian Costanzo (drums)

The EP gently takes to flight with rocking “Underneath it All” a dynamic intro piece that methodically serves up rocking guitar ambiance against driving rock rhythms, impressive harmonies and impressive vocal flair from Como. Track 2 “You are My World” shifts gears a bit with flowing rock rhythm, impressive harmonies against hooky vocal melody from Como and company. Track 3 “I Don’t Like You” serves up a clever piece complete with clever lyrical content, thought provoking subject matter and impressive chorus that flows & ebbs it’s way through to emotional fruition. As the EP slowly unfolds I can hear many musical influences reminiscent of classic Good Charlotte, They Might Be Giants, Matchbox 20, Gin Blossoms, Train, Death Cab for Cutie, and even The Killers. This EP makes a pretty solid first impression. Right from the start you will notice rich musical textures overflowing everywhere, full of variety, solid playing and world class songwriting. I would classify this music as acoustic pop rock, with a slight aftertaste of alternative rock. The songs themselves are addictive, and thought provoking complete with passionate thought provoking subject matter. The musicianship of this band is rock solid across the board. The players themselves write, & play there parts extremely well. Turing our attention to singer Matt Como – let me go on record to say his voice is amazing. Como’s voice works well across the board and fills the sonic space peacefully and unobtrusively. If he wrote all these songs - well he could be bigger than any of currently realize. The Ep ends with Track 4: Can I Be Mathed with You” the perfect finale statement for an EP of this caliber From this EP pretty much has something for just about everyone.

I generally don't give out 10 star ratings to EP's. The full length releases is a more complete snapshot of what an artists is capable of at any given time.

The latest EP from The Como Brothers is an impressive musical sampler from start to finish. The music is clean, goes down smooth, & the messages are extremely thought provoking & passionate in nature. It’s strong suit – the deeply rich production value, amazing songs & strong vocal presence from Matt Como. It’s amazing how much talent this 3 piece brings to the table. The Como Brothers possesses enough musical talent & songwriting prowess to be extremely dangerous in 2012. One would be wise to keep a watchful eye on them. Underneath it all the future looks bright – we shall see. Bring on the Full Length!
- Muses's Muse

"The Como Brothers Band: The Speed of Sound – Music Review"

Up and coming pop rockers THE COMO BROTHERS have a cool new EP out showcasing their best songs as they continue their ascent to being one of the best underground, commercially friendly acts in the country. The brothers in the name refer to bassist Matt and guitarist Andrew, both of whom share the lead vocals. There’s no telling if drummer Dorian Costanzo is related, but the three of them sound great together on the EP’s breezy, well written cuts.
“Underneath It All” has the jangly rocking goodness in a summer track. Sort of a cross between the early FOO FIGHTERS work and bands like MATTHEW SWEET, THE GIN BLOSSOMS and DEL AMICI, the heartfelt, fun song is oddly uplifting for a pop song. Great guitar work and a nice melody highlighted by the occasional harmonized vocals of the brothers really makes this song jump out from the norm of bland music one might hear on the radio. There is also a slick guitar line that just burrowed in my ear for quite a while.
“You Are My World” is a short and sweet little ditty. A funky, folk influenced love song that feels like a massive sing along will break out at any moment. A lot of bands try to pull of this type of song and fail, but not here. There is a lot of subtle magic going on in the backing tracks like hidden little gems of instrumentation, layers vocals and percussion from Costanzo that add up to good song craft.
It’s no wonder why “I Don’t Like You” is getting added at radio and is a huge mover on the bands’ Reverbnation page. In many ways it is the perfect modern pop/rock song. A touch of wry lyrics, great singing and snarky delivery really elevate the track to another level. It rocks just enough to satisfy, but definitely has “hit song written” all over it. Also, I loved the lyrical tip of the cap to Bradley Nowell of SUBLIME with a play on the famous lyrics of “What I Got”. Again, most bands don’t have the talent and sophistication to pull this kind of stuff off.
Closing track “Can I Be Matched With You” is another sunny sounding cut, full of optimism, earnest good vibes and tasteful bass lines. Nice guitar tones are off-set with the open chords of the chorus. Andrew also throws down a brief, bluesy guitar solo proving these guys have a of ground to cover artistically in the future.
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"The Como Brothers Band"

Buzz Track: I Don’t Like You
News Update: The Como Brothers Band was just selected to play in the Warped Tour (NY) at Nassau Coliseum on July 21st, 2012. They also had the song placed on MTV Real World St. Thomas which is going to air on July 25th. They are in the process of recording the first full length album as they continue to promote the EP “The Speed Of Sound” which is available on iTunes.
The Como Brothers Band released an EP earlier in the year ‘The Speed of Sound’ working with Mike Watts, Steve Haigler, and Tom Flynn (Muse, The Pixies, Brand New). The song ‘I Don’t Like You’ has already received close to 800,000 YouTube streams.
Contact: - Kings of A&R

"The Como Brothers Band"

Buzz Track: I Don’t Like You
Pop/rock act The Como Brothers Band just released an EP ‘The Speed of Sound’ and worked with Mike Watts, Steve Haigler, and Tom Flynn (Muse, The Pixies, Brand New). The song ‘I Don’t Like You’ has already received close to 800,000 YouTube streams. They often perform at The Bitter End and The National Underground. You can visit their Facebook for upcoming show dates.
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"The Como Brother band rocks Long Beach!"

"These guys were truly awesome! Had I been wearing socks, they would have blown off! I Highly suggest that you check them out! -


Still working on that hot first release.



Listening to The Como Brothers music you can hear their love of the bluespop music, and rock n' roll

Brothers Andrew and Matt Como are singer/songwriters from Long Island who first appeared on the music seen in early 2012. Combining and urban-pop sound with somewhat of a blues vibe, they have written and recorded multiple albums and EP’s of 100% original songs. They have performed at the Hard Rock Cafe, Webster Hall, the Cutting Room, and their music has appeared on various TV shows. They have also performed and recorded with drummers Steve Jordan & Aaron Sterling, bassist Sean Hurley and keyboardist Andy Burton. The band is currently touring and promoting their 2016 EP "Jam Theory," and they recently released their debut single of 2017, and the first single from their upcoming record, “Magic."  They are also working on a new EP with Sam Woolf

Their music has been heard in television shows such as E! Network's Keeping Up With The Kardashians, MTV's Real World Portland & St. Thomas, Oxygen Channel's Best Ink and in two Indie movies.  Their song Late Nights was featured on a Cannon Trade Show commercial. 

Having grown up performing in a Beatles tribute band with their Dad and Uncle on Long Island The Como Brothers are no strangers to the music scene. Matt and Andrew grew up with music from an early age and have been honing their craft as established singer/songwriters and performers for years in venues across the East Coast of the US.  

The Como Brothers have supported acts on tour such as PJ Morton [Current keyboardist of Maroon 5], The Wallflowers, American Idol winner David Cook, Howie Day, Ryan Beatty, Jillian Jensen (American Idol & X-Factor) and YouTube sensation Tyler Ward.   They have toured with Sam Woolf & Alex Preston

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