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The best kept secret in music


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1. Pay Attention
2. Git Down
3. Chasing My Dream
4. Try This @ Home

These songs can be heard at Comodity's music myspace website:


Feeling a bit camera shy


The word COMMODITY means ‘necessity’. The rapper Comodity is a necessity. The name Comodity came from an idea of the rap game needing something new, fresh and different. Brought up into the same Staten Island, New York neighborhoods that birthed rappers from the Wu-Tang Clan, Comodity is a young, ready and willing rapper that is sure to blow your mind. His character demands attention as he commands the stage. His songs are made to captivate the minds of his audience. His story telling lyrics are meant to make people think and recognize that he is not an ordinary hip hop artist.

Comodity was born Bryan Hearne on September 23rd, 1988 in New York, New York. His closest family members all say he was born with a determination to stand out. Spending most of his life in Staten Island, Comodity adopted the east coast way of rhyming from an early age. “When the Wu-Tang Clan became the official spokespeople for Staten Island, everybody wanted to rap like them” says Comodity, “I knew I had to be different.” With influences such as Nas, Big L, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z, Comodity’s flow was sure to be a unique one.

From his early days of rhyming to present, Comodity has had a completely different way of rapping compared to the other emcees that are in the spot light. Comodity uses The Prollem Child to express his rougher and somewhat meaner alter ego; “Prollem” (for short), is the side of Comodity that is not afraid to say whatever he feels. His talent, focus and determination are what make him a commodity to the rap game. His party songs are not just “club bangers” and his serious songs are not just “emotional hits”. “I make songs that will stick into the minds of my listeners,” Comodity says, “my goal is to create hits and come with a sound that people have yet to hear.” Comodity’s music is to be viewed from a lyrical stand point; his rhymes are meant to make people think. His songs are exciting and they are made to make his fans tune in for his next song.

Comodity is so far proving that he comes with a different sound that rap fans are not familiar with. His confidence shows that he is not afraid to show the rap game that it does, indeed, need fresh new talent that will make hip hop listeners everywhere appreciate the art of rap. “Get used to me!” Comodity exclaims, “I have every intention on becoming a household name, and I have no intention on being forgotten—Pay Attention!!”