The ComoSapiens are an expressive, passionate, and original group of young musicians who have come together to bring a community thriving on music, education, and culture to be apart of our performance and subsequently a part of our original music. We are all about live Funk-Jam-Rock, and love it!


Drawing influences from a confluence of artists in both the past and present the ComoSapiens have melded a new creation of music with the audience in mind and instruments in hand. This synthesis has spawned a unique style forged by well synchronized grooves, communication on-and-off the stage, interaction with our environment, and glistening solos. The feeling of creativity has permeated deep within the band. It is evident in the diverse line-up of original tunes including styles of jam-rock, bluegrass, jazz, and reggae all with an emphasis on sweet sweet funk. Included in this repertoire is a carefully chosen set of covers that are played on occasion if the mood is right. Our job is to make the audience happy, and to make sure they come back for more.
In the fall of 2006, while studying at the University of Minnesota, guitarists Ricky Martin and Brett Turner began collaborating on a series of original songs. Carl Sarkissian, Jake Staron, and Mookie Tierney have since joined and have been making the neighborhood on Como Avenue shake a lot harder since. The ComoSapiens have developed a serious practice regimen and are constantly in the process of writing and recording new music to share with the community.
2007 has been a great year allowing the opportunity to be recorded at the Institute of Production and Recording in downtown Minneapolis, MN. In coordination with a few talented students, we have been able to create music and gain new insight into the world of digital studio recording giving us real experience into the business of music. In this time we have studied the many aspects of a touring performance and have been creating a solid fan-base around the University of Minnesota by playing shows bi-weekly as a first step toward our goal of touring and playing music festivals. Through self-promotion using original posters, myspace. com,, and the ComoSapiens have been able to attract crowds reaching capacity on more than one occasion and have had a great time doing it.
“…a high energy fun dancing music that keeps the crowd moving all night long…” Tony Nicklow Steak Knife Dinkytown--Minneapolis, MN – October 2007
“These guys did a great job promoting and really brought in the business to show for it.” John Nicklow--Downtime Bar & Grill Minneapolis, MN – October 2007
In the next year we will be working towards playing in all areas of the Mid-West with hopes of creating something national one day. We all value our education, but cannot refuse the gift of great music.


Live in Studio 2 (demo 2007)
Demo Early 2008

Two tracks from each are streaming on

Set List

Our typical set list involves the following songs and usually some of the covers listed below.

We will usually play two 75 minute sets in a typical night.

Original Music: Breathe, Special Export, Lonesome Highway, Mountain Grass, Sunglasses at Night, Velcro, Definition of That, Four Long Years, New York, G-Man Blues, Waterfall, Fame, ComoSapien

Covers: Mr. Charlie, China Cat Sunflower, I Know You Rider, Franklin's Tower (Grateful Dead); Scent of a Mule, Down with Disease (Phish); Recreational Chemistry, Okay Alright (moe.)