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When you think of characteristics that make a good MC "one of the best", you think of
lyrical intelligence, skill, punch lines, catchy hooks, and content. Well, COMP, hip-hop's
latest heavy hitter, possesses all these things and much, much more. A talented MC, savvy business man, energetic performer, and one of hip hop's truly unique lyricists, COMP is one of the industry's fearless hard hitting MCs determined to blow the doors of the game wide open.


Born and raised in Baltimore's belly of the beast, COMP a.k.a. Jordan McElveen has already made several marks in the industry ranging from soundtrack credits and film debuts to being heard and seen on the most popular video games. In 2000, his hit single “Do Sumptin” appeared on the soundtrack of "Cradle to the Grave" and sold over one million copies. Another single, “Rollin” was featured on the Johnson Family Vacation soundtrack. Both COMP's “Get Into It” and “Stick em” singles were placed on the soundtrack of the highly popular Playstation game "Def Jam Vendetta".
In 2004, COMP was formed into an animated character in the well-known Playstation 2 video game "Def Jam: Fight For New York" released by EA. Along with veteran heavy hitters such as Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J and Method Man, his hot single entitled “Get Into It” was included on the soundtrack of the game. In March 2006, COMP made his first appearance as an actor in the street riveting drama "Charm City"; a film about three friends from Baltimore's inner city trying to escape their past criminal activities to acquire better lives for themselves. The film had national distribution.
COMP's music abilities and lyrical cleverness has gotten him recognized amongst the top MCs in the business; Cam’ron teamed up with COMP on his blazing track "Fire", and Ghostface Killah, Jadakiss and COMP laced the track on the smash hit "Run". On the road, COMP opened up for 50 cent's "Valentines Day Tour". But it doesn’t stop there, COMP's catalog of mixtapes can't be denied either, as "COMP mixtape the 17 Year Old Phenomenon” was hosted by DJ Kay Slay and six mixtapes with DJ DNA


DNA & DEF JAM Presents COMP Clever On Many Perspectives Mixtape Volume ..1"
"DNA The Nation Nigga U Will Be A Believer Mixtape Volume ..2"
"The Man with the Hand 2"
The MWTH2 released late May, 2009. COMP's new single "Whole Lat"