Companion is an indie/rock band from Dallas who has hit the ground running. Since the band's inception early 2009, the group has toured extensively, promoting its self-titled Ep. With a sense of purpose and passion for creating music, this trio will not be slowed as they continue to move forward.


From the ashes of past musical endeavors, Companion was born in early 2009. This trio of best friends has its collective heart set on making music with integrity and meaning in a world that settles for mediocrity. Having toured extensively during its early months, the band is poised to continue to promote its self-titled release, as well as the upcoming "Westward Expansion" Ep, which will be available on iTunes and various online outlets on December 1. Check out for music, videos, tour dates and more.


Companion Self-Titled Ep- March 2009- various college radio play

"Westward Expansion"- December 2009

Set List

Always Be Lonely
Dreamer's Eyes
Where are you now
Westward Expansion
Sweet Lullabies

(40-45 minutes)