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"Featured artist review"

Somehow managing to stir up sounds that are both superbly
orchestrated and raucously inebriated, this Bay Area alt-pop four
piece has put together a ten track debut that effortlessly embraces
stark melodies and the more unpretentious aspects of math rock. By
advantageously perfecting these songs for years before the release of
this CD, the resulting tracks are assuredly polished and true,
stealthy in their complexity and confident in their delivery. Like any
good rock band, these guys get in, get out, and move on (none of these
tracks even hit the four minute mark), making their play without any
of the obligatory bells and whistles. They don't need it. These songs
are compressed, smart, and fun to get to know. With the two guitars
feeding into and off each other, the sound ends up being expansive and
rich, which can't help but add another layer to the vocals. Smoothly
toggling between lovelorn bliss and consuming self-examination, the
lyrics here could be tossed off as "emo" (the dreaded "e" word) but
that's not giving the songs nearly enough credit. At the base of it,
this is just intelligent, really strong rock music that can't help but
appeal to a large audience. And that's not easy to come by these days.
- CD Baby


"Today, every band has a MySpace page, if not their own website, so maybe there's no longer a need for drawn-out comparisons. For nostalgia's sake, let us just say that if Fugazi and the Wrens had a baby, and that baby was home-schooled in San Francisco, its name would be Company Car. But if you're stuck in the technology age, listen to "War Dream" online. With each member singing and jibing while chuggin' through the band's bass-driven repertoire, it seems local headliners Vin Rouge must have shared the same womb." -

"Performer Magazine"

The San Francisco-based quartet of alternative rockers Company Car have recently debuted their first full-length album. Titled Collars, it’s a collection of 10 songs with humble beginnings of soft melodies instantaneously halted with the explosive roaring of guitar riffs and vigorous drum rhythms. With Dave Parker and Albert Chough at the guitar accompanied by bandmates Noah Heldfond and Frank Martell respectively at the bass and drums, Company Car has the appeal of producing a high-energy combination. They create a lively compilation of music reminiscent of a laundry list of influences that could be pegged as Sparta, My Bloody Valentine, NOFX, and Queens of the Stone Age.

Instrumentally, the band succeeds in presenting a sound that is very animated in its energy-pumped execution. Between the unexpected tempo changes, long strains of chords and erratic pace of the drums, Company Car’s unusual musical creations stand alone.

- West Coast Performer Magazine - West Coast Performer Magazine

"The Deli SF"

The band's press materials call them "loud indie rock," which is outstandingly understated for a self-assigned genre. The band's immediate influences (Fugazi, At the Drive in, Sunny Day Real Estate) come out from the beginning, and as you listen deeper into the songs, complex melodies, harmonies and instrumental parts emerge to craft a finely thought-out mix. As these elements come together, their later influences show their faces - Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Radiohead and The Cars.

The band's YouTube video was also a treat. The live show is clearly a riot, and the craziest thing about it is, people were actually dancing! Has anyone else noticed how people refuse to dance at shows recently? Maybe it's just the shows I've been to, but I think it's awesome that a rock band's fans will dance.

- The Deli SF - The Deli SF

"Download Of The Week"

"Fake Tattoo" by Company Car. The San Francisco foursome, which combines a regal indie sensibility with the down-and-dirty, post-grunge sound of Foo Fighters, recently finished recording 13 songs for a new album, which is due out in May. In the meantime, download "Fake Tattoo" at
-Bill Picture
2/18/07 - San Francisco Chronicle

"Noisepop Festival 2006"

Back in 2003, Dave Parker put together some demos, then went searching on Craigslist for like-minded players to fill out his vision. His idea, simply expressed, was to rock like a hurricane, to be both raw and sophisticated, and to highlight the plight of the over-burdened office drone. Hold on, what? "Most of our songs tell a small story of the modern day corporate worker," says vocalist/ guitarist Parker. "Originally, we wanted to write a whole album about commuting to work, but in the end we found that the subject was only good for two songs."

Instead of completing the first concept record about drive time radio and casual car pool fights, Parker and bandmates Noah Heldfond (bass/vocals), Albert Chough (guitar/vocals), and Frank Martell (drums) turned their attentions to what Chough calls "the working class and the con- flicting ideals of capitalism and socialism." Parker jumps in: "Marx was a huge indie rock fan. I think the majority of people out there are somewhat dissatisfied with their life these days. People get frustrated, and they blame their boss or co-workers." He's quick to add," We are not a communist band. Although, maybe that would be a good marketing ploy."

Don't misunderstand. Company Car's songs don't sound like tiresome philosophy lectures, even if the bandmates can discuss who kicks more ass, Alexander Pope or John Locke. Rather, the San Francisco quartet makes a thunderous noize that churns faster than an Amish kid on trucker speed, harkening back to groups like Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Braid. We're talking about players who are equally attuned to the worlds of metal and classical, with just enough pop in their veins. Over the past couple of years, Company Car has played all over the Bay Area, from clubs in Fremont and Sunnyvale to SF's 12 Galaxies and Bottom of the Hill. As to why you should go see this show as opposed to all the other Noise Pop events this week, Chough says, "Company Car is like a linac particle accelerator, supercharging each of our influences like sub-atomic particles. We smash these particles on stage, channeling this energy into the audience in a sincere attempt to decimate them with our nuclear good-ness." What more could you ask for?

-Carver Simpson - Noisepop Program 2006

"American Songwriter Review"

This is just the kind of testosterone-driven racket that can remind a 21st century man where his balls are. Artfully constructed, but rarely pretentious, Collars comes on like a confused and slightly drunk 19-year-old with a good heart and something to prove. Dave Parker’s voice is an endearing combination of Caleb Followill and Ozzy, but the band behind him stops, starts, rumbles and crashes in such as way as to drive one to assume that the depths of his motivations are seated in influences a bit more sinister. According to their MySpace page, CC will play your party; they’ll probably be the last to leave, so good thing they rock.
-David Mead - American Songwriter


"The English Eye EP" is available on itunes and emusic
"Collars" can be found on emusic, itunes, and at all our shows.
"Hurry Up When You Awake" can be found on



In 2003 Company Car made it's debut in the San Francisco Rock scene. Since then, they have gained recognition throughout the bay area for their unconventional song structures, lush harmonies, catchy melodies and entertaining live shows. This reputation has allowed them to play some of the best stages in the bay area including; Bottom of the Hill, Cafe du Nord, and the infamous Slim's. They have shared the stage with popular acts such as The Smoking Popes, No Use For A Name, Chuck Ragan, Koufax, The Actual and The Heavenly States. They have toured most of California and the Northwest. Their sound has attracted a growing fan base composed of a wide variety of musical tastes. From technical musicians to pop fanatics to punks, there is something for everyone in Company Car's unique brand of Rock n Roll.

Influences: Fugazi, At The Drive In, Queens of the Stone Age, Braid, Sunny Day Real Estate, Foo Fighters, Propagandhi, Rancid, Tool, Faith No More, Weezer, Nofx, Spoon, The Get Up Kids, Helmet, Rise Against, Primus, Sparta, Medeski Martin and Wood, Pedro the Lion, Beck, Jane's Addiction, Elvis Costello, Rival Schools, Bjork, Death Cab for Cuttie, Built to Spill, Grandaddy, Elliot Smith, Piebald, PJ Harvey, Soundgarden, Wilco, Against Me, My Bloody Valentine, Hey Mercedes, Mars Volta, The Heavenly States, Postal Service, The Anniversary, Smashing Pumpkins, Hall and Oates, Mr. Bungle, Bob Marley, The Meters, Beastie Boys, The Flaming Lips, Radiohead, The Police, Sparta, Jellyfish, Rage Against the Machine, Trail of Dead, Beta Band, Billy Joel, Porch, The Cars