Company Jones

Company Jones


A great mix of rock, folk, blues and alternative rock, a great party band to get up and dance to or just chill and drink up to some tunes.


Company Jones formed first as a recording project and then into a full band in no time.

Since our formation in April of 2004 we've been playing at parties and clubs in both NYC and the Jersey Shore in Long Branch, Belmar, Red Bank and Brighton Bar in Long Branch NJ.

We live to play live.

Glowing CD Review in the March 2005 Issue of "Night & Day" magazine in the Asbury Park Press

PAST DATES for 2005
Brighton Bar Long Branch NJ 1/10
Private SuperBowl Party Red Bank NJ 2/02
Private Party Belmar NJ 3/1
Pauls' Tavern Belmar NJ 3/11
Kennys Castaways NYC 4/8
Wild Rover Pub Red Bank, NJ 4/28 & 5/7
Cnote NYC 6/4
KennysCastaways NYC 7/9
Company Jones Summer Fest 8/27 Atl Highlands NJ
Company JOnes Halloween Party Atl Highlands NJ 10/30
Pianos NYC 11/23
Kenny's Castaways NYC 12/17

2006 dates

Recording Studio Dec 2005 to March 2006

Spring/Summer dates
5/20 Wild Rover Red Bank NJ 4pm
6/29 Kenny's Castaways NYC 8pm
7/6 Asbury Lanes Asbury Park, NJ 8pm

more dates to come

Our second cd is completed and should be released this summer 2006.


e-mail the link or call 732 291 7334 for bookings

Music for the masses



Written By: Matt Costine

With a shot blast that cell door fell fast, ah yeah, ah yeah, yeah

Rubber hits the road and I'll be headed down south now to Mexico.
Where the sun is warm and the women warmer and the times are so slow, so slow.

I can't wait till we'll be wasted 3X!
and get real stoned

I Feel fired up in my pickup truck
Wheels are spinnin, yeah I'm Grinnin

I can't wait till we'll be wasted 3X! and get real stoned!


Company Jones released Jan 05,

Skippin School" single was played on 15 College stations across the U.S. CMJ CHarted "Skippin School" at two stations, #10 and #30

"Wasted" is a song lots of people like as well as "Saturday Night Beat Club", "Skippin School" has been played on College radio

Our second cd is done and will be released this summer 2006

Set List

We play three full sets of music, originals and covers evenly mixed for a good upbeat tempo throughout

Songs include,

Lite Brite
Secret Code
SAturday Night Beat Club
It's You
Skippin School

as well as material from our second cd, due in summer 2006 Disconnected, Slow Down, Local Bar, NO Sympathy, Friday, Stay, Angel Wings, Everyday

We perform covers with our own twist by great bands and artists like the Doors, Lou Reed's, Bob Marley, The Animals, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, whatever comes to mind etc.