Company of Strangers

Company of Strangers


This foursome has a pleasant acoustic sound, perfect for all settings, small and large. The sets are full of recognizable tunes, including seventies pop, Irish, bluegrass and originals. Great vocal harmonies delivered in a friendly and energetic style.


Company of Strangers first began performing in 1995, focusing predominantly on their Celtic repertoire, which they featured at their yearly stint of St. Patrick’s Day shows. They took time to hone their vocal harmonies and diverse instrumentation, developing a style and flair that turned these classic songs into something uniquely their own.

The five members began practicing year round, incorporating original material that found it’s way onto their 2001 release “Scranton County Fair.” The CD featured a blend of bluegrass, Celtic, folk rock and four part harmonies. Response from the CD and live performances was favorable, resulting in recognition as one of the areas best folk bands by the Detroit News and Free Press, as well as several nominations from the Detroit Music Awards.

A line up change shortly after the release of the CD resulted in a sound that leaned even further into bluegrass. New material quickly found it’s way onto the set list. The energy at the live performances, and rapport with the audiences intensified, and the songs were well received. Twelve of these songs are featured on their new 2004 self-titled release.

Company of Strangers continues to expand its fan base, bringing their brand of contemporary American folk to listeners, young and old. Songs from both releases have been featured on local FM radio, helping to introduce their sound to an even larger audience. They are currently performing in support of the new CD and are focusing on college, concert and folk festival venues for the upcoming year.


Company of Strangers (self-titled) ©2004
1. Blueberry Mountain
2. Happy Man
3. The Angel Band
4. Cape Hope
5. Rockin' Tree
6. Two Days Sunday
7. Keeping Folks Alive
8. Bad Luck and Trouble
9. Eight Mile Road
10. Smoky Mountain Memories
11. Pierce Road
12. Tow Truck

Scranton County Fair ©2001
1. Cherrywood
2. Midwest Cabin
3. Take Away My Pain
4. Best Friend
5. Severe Emotion
6. Segue
7. Bury Me at Sea
8. Safe in the Ground
9. Waiting on a Breeze
10. Patty McGill
11. Firm Foreign Ground
12. We Belong
13. Wandering Dream
14. Scranton County Fair

Cape Hope and Midwest Cabin have received airplay on local FM radio (WCSX Saturday and Sunday Morning Over Easy 94.7FM)

Set List

If this is a festival/concert setting, we do all originals with perhaps one or two covers.

For venues prefering covers, we typically perform 45 - 60 minute sets (12 to 15 songs). Gigs vary from one to three sets. We mix our originals with classic rock and Celtic standards. The normal set would include 6 originals, 6 classic rock and 3 Celtic. The classic rock would feature songs from bands like CCR, Clapton, Pure Prarie League, Doobie Brothers, Tom Petty, Bill Monroe, Johnny Cash, etc. The Celtic is predominantly Clancy Brothers, Dubliners, Pogues, etc.