Company Unwanted

Company Unwanted

 Ede, Gelderland, NLD

Company Unwanted makes music that descends from rock. Mixed with influences from other music styles we create a new sound of music that brings atmosphere and recognition. With the use of a Hammond organ and certain effects our goal is to take you with us on a musical journey. With powerful build ups we want you to enjoy the rock type riffs and dreamy vibes enhanced by meaningful lyrics.
A Company Unwanted show is packed with energy and variation for everyone. Come with us and go with the flow


Company Unwanted has been making music for roughly nine years now. Before that the members played in a "normal" rock band. They wanted to add more to their music and decided to bring in Ruben on the Hammond organ. Along the way their music has evolved into a kind of pop rock that pays tribute to the feeling a song can give you. No radio songs but music played with the intention to take you away or stop and take notice. You make music for people to enjoy. Don't get stuck in the same rhythm but try to experiment. CU always gives a show that anyone can enjoy. From pop to rock and an old school beat delivered by Wilbert on the drums. Some history with the hammond. Phat bass lines and meaningful lyrics all come together and bring you back to the thing you came for. Music.


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