Fort Worth, Texas, USA

We are timeless Rock and roll, we are loved world wide near and far. Last year we cleared out 5 otheir venues to come see us play our show.MATT said " no band has done what we did since 1985" He said we would get a better venue to be seen by the INDUSTRIES.


Why are we different from all the rest? WE ARE THE BEST!!! We took our influences from the greatest and studied what set them apart from all the rest. With out, but very little help COMPLETE is a World Wide band. They say we are the next LEGEND, that will leave a LEGACY to the World.


Hoggie boggie land, Beautiful Sunrise, Stimey
all are been playing on the Bam Morris satellite radio for the past 2 and half years.

Set List

NO COVERS HERE!!! We are all original BABY!!! We have a range from 45 min. to 2 hour.