Completely Miserable

Completely Miserable


We don't want to impress people with our talent, we want to surprise people by not sucking. We are essentially three beautiful people playing beautiful to fuck to. Indie pop I guess


We met in Hartford, where we still go to school. It'd be nice if someone wanted us to record in a studio and give us gigs.


Yellow Stoplight

Written By: Chuck Criss

I can see yellow stoplight down the road and statistically I'm told to accelerate the slow thoughts that hold you down over hesitate the know that your feet are on the ground that your heads not in a cloud oh no I don't know I just go I don't know I just go blasting off on a rocket ship thats cold I'm a space cadet alone and I never should have flown but the fortune read from an epitaph of old can initiate the soul you never stop until you go oh no I don't know I just go I don't know I just go. Memory thinks like an elephant that scolds the nostalgia it unfolds moves around you like a ghost sounds like sirens heard from an ambulance so loud that they still don't make a sound until the final words are found oh no I don't know I just go I don't know I just go.

same old situation to change the situation

Written By: Chuck Criss

I could tell
You were dying to try
But you were born tomorrow
In magic spells
And modern times
So very well
You are no

Burier of hatchets in the ground
A seed that’s only rotten from beginning
Superior and cast off then washed out
If you were worried about winning

Trophy town
Has lost its bet
It placed on you tomorrow
The sun is set
Last afternoon
And you can bet
You’ll follow
The leader who had lost his way again
And found your dust was so misleading
Driver in the backseat of your head
Keeps accusing you of cheating

You could run in dust behind us
Traveling in vain
Run up to the sun and find us
Another way to rain
Same old situation
Change the situation
Same old situation
Change the situation

Until I fall back down
And meet you.

Set List

We play originals and do a lot of noise jams. When we do covers, they are normally ironic crowd pleasers such as Britney Spears.