Complex Mold

Complex Mold


A raucous live show with hints of all modern musical styles, this 20-something collective of prodigious musical talent boasts decades of experience on the stage and in the studio to produce an palpable energy; one of the freshest, most unique sounds around.


The brainchild of gifted composer/performer Davey P, Complex Mold was formed in the early 00's as the output for this authentically original songwriter. After placing a series of self-performed demo versions of his songs in independent films (most notably of NYC Indie Film Festival fame), Davey assembled a lineup of Cleveland, Ohio's hardest-hitting musicians and created the city's finest original music project. With a sound reminiscent of such diverse artists as Primus, Soundgarden, Radiohead, The Police, and System Of A Down, few bands could keep pace with the frenetic energy of the quartet.

Currently, the band is based in New York City, gigging routinely throughout the eastern U.S. and Canada as a solo act, duo, or trio. With the help of some of the finest musicians in Toronto, Ontario, and New York, NY, Complex Mold is currently putting the finishing touches on their 3rd release, tentatively titled "Theatre Of The Insane" and slated for early '08 release.

What they're saying:

"Killer saxophones and extremely memorable riffs...these guys know how to
maneuver through a song" - Cleveland Free Times Review

"Complex Mold will make you redefine your concepts of harmony as you twist
around their highly ambient and chromatic riffs, listening to their sonic soundscapes
which accurately compliment the stories they tell." - Chris Opperman,

"A lot of the bands I hear sound very similiar, and the ones that try to be different seem to try too hard and 'different for the sake of being different' often translates into a very horrible sound. Complex Mold has a very cool sound that will be sure to win over fans very easily." - Chris Mara, Nashville Producer

"Starting with a quirky foundation of Alternative/Indie Rock influenced by a laundry list of quality artists, Complex Mold provides even more atmosphere, with touches of jazzy sax and flute. And that's just in the studio; they're a live juggernaut and one of Cleveland's favorite stage bands." - Cincinnati Citybeat



Written By: Davey P


I awoke today
And all that surrounds me
Was immersed in gray
All was calm and comely
All was lovely
There was peace
Up above me
Thunder clouds down below me
Silver lined with gray

I left home today
Out into a silver world
Tarnished with decay
Subsisting with the gray
For everything is gray today

Everything is gray these days
Black and white seen through a haze
I’m sick from the mosquito sprays
I can’t tell anyway from anyways
I can’t tell, these days

And baby
Don’t you know I’m sorry
I never meant to do to you
All the things that I did put you through
Yeah, well
So it goes
I’m playing shows
I don’t have time
To deal with hoes

Everything I Touch Turns To...

Written By: Davey P

Everything I Touch Turns To Shit

When you had begun bleeding, baby
I was barely being born
A bouncing baby Davey
Birthed out into a world of scorn
But it is a gentle entreaty
Together, we do coalesce
And it is to our desires
I hope we do acquiesce

But I don’t think we understand
The severity of this situation
’Cause all that I have learned of love
Is akin to mutual masturbation
So if I am to be alight
With the grace of your eternal soul
It will be the Hell of heartbreak
Where I intend to shovel coal
But I need to get off of it
’Cause everything I touch, it turns to shit
Each hit leads to another hit
And it’s the only thrill I get, just yet

This Midas touch for excrement
Is never what I had intended
Our book is one that never closes
This story is left open-ended
But if our tale is never told
By poets of great prophesy
I won’t believe we’d be so bold
As to deny this fantasy


Attack of the Killer Guinea Pigs (2004 - collection of demos and live tracks)

Street Toughs And Songs of Worship - full length album 2006 (September 2006)

Theatre Of The Insane - full length album (slated for upcoming 2008 release)

Complex Mold can be heard on WMMS 100.7's "Native Noise" show in Cleveland, Ohio and the internet-based radio show.

Set List

Sets are on average 45 minutes-1 hour long, but the band is capable of filling a 4-hour evening of 3 sets.

Original songs include but are not limited to:
Rusty Chain
The Meaning of a One Night Stand
Children With Fire
Personal Attack
Everything I Touch Turns to Shit
Chaos Aficionado
The Shade of Purple Trees
The City I Love

Cover songs can be added, upon request.