Complicated Order

Complicated Order

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Want to be rocked outta your mind? Bring on the band! COMPLICATED ORDER is the premier rock cover party band for all of OH, KY and IN and YOU need to be a part of the party! Bringing you a complete self-contained party experience, CO rolls up it's sleeves and punches you in the face with rock!


“Where have all the GOOD cover bands gone? Why don’t the bands around here rock?" These were the burning questions asked all over Cincy and it wasn’t that complicated an answer. Bring on COMPLICATED ORDER! Without a doubt the simplest answer to everyone’s burning need for rock! Talk about something epic being started. Bring together musical talents, road warrior experience and stage presence unmatched, CO knew it’s time had come to conquer the local music scene and bring the people what they were begging for…a rock cover band that actually ROCKED! You remember when live bands were actually GOOD and played music that everyone knew and loved? COMPLICATED ORDER remembers and they’ve brought it all back directly from your iPod playlist! Every decade, every genre, every type band and singer brought to you live! And they DO bring it, folks! But have no fear....they'll throw you’s a bone with some pop, alternative, metal, country, R/B, dance....whatever will bring the dancers, drinkers and damn crazy partiers out of their holes and on to the dance floor! Are they trying to make it BIG in the biz? Hell NO....seen it - done it - been there! Its covers, covers and more covers....CO plays it all and makes it a show to remember! Close your that a disc or a live band? The tunes....they just keep comin'! What's a band to do....wimp out or throw down?! You know how this band of rock-n-roll brothers roll so be prepared to bring it!

Want to know who you’ll be rockin’ out with at a CO show? Bring on the intro’s…

Deron (Lead Guitar / Vocals) sizzles on the ax no matter what the tune! His leads can shred with the best of the best and he’s a damn good singer, too. Plus, he’s about as crazy as they come! We’re just damn lucky they let him out to the general public on good behavior for the weekends to play with CO! Otherwise, we’d be playing in the nuthouse! That’s how lead guitarists roll, people…!

Keith (Rhythm Guitar / vocals) has a few fireworks of his own on guitar and he’s got the road warrior mentality to prove it! He covers both sides of the house with rhythm and a some damn fine leads…AND he sings, too! Double whammy! He may look innocent but he’s a rock star deep down so be prepared for serious debauchery with this guy…yes, he bites! What rock stars don’t….?!

Jerrod (Drums / Vocals) is the time-keeper of all time and CO wouldn’t be anything without his sticks rockin’ the kit! He hits hard, loud and on-time….just like a rock drummer should! You may actually hear his voice now and then, too! Talk about a triple threat….drummin’, singin’ and drinkin’! They don’t call him the Undead Hombre for nothing! He’s the backbone of the band…but don’t tell him we said so!

RC (Bass / Vocals) is the bottom end of the bottom end…and that’s what you want in a bass player! You shouldn’t just HEAR the music….you’ve got to FEEL the music! And, that’s just what RC brings to the table, peeps…feel that in your feet, rattling up from the floor, through your bones and ending in your ears? Yup, that’s our man RC on bass, ladies and gentlemen!

Jim (Lead Vocals / “Guitar”) is the front man, lead singer, crazy man with the voice built for ROCK! Shrieking vocals, a stage show that puts other rock stars to shame and a flare for metal… this journeyman has found his home with these bunch of rag-tag rock-n-rollers! If it can be rocked on stage, this front man will CRUSH it! He's seen it, done it and sang it all...just ask hiim! He’s all the rock star you’ll need, minus the heroin addiction!

Sooooooo, there you have it….there’s probably more that can be written but why? Just come out to a COMPLICATED ORDER show and asked them all the questions you want…but, you better have a shots in your hand and be ready to pound them down with the band! The band just might have amnesia without some Jagerbombs in front of them….! Come on, don't be no fool....the COMPLICATED ORDER train is leavin' the station and YOU need to be on it! Join the band at a venue near you (or far away....road trip!), raise up your glass, hit the dance floor and get C-R-A-Z-Y crazy! CO will bring the rock, YOU bring your friends….get your party and drink on while you get rocked the &@% out!

Everyone at COMPLICATED ORDER H.Q. would like to extend a huge THANK YOU and GOD Bless to ALL the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. National Guard, U.S Coast Guard and U.S. Reserves (regardless of branch or rank) for doing what they do to keep us safe and free here and around the globe. Freedom Ain't Free....and it's because of their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families that we're able to do what we do best...BRING THE ROCK! And to ALL of our fallen countrymen and women who have give the ultimate sacrifice for this great country, we are forever in your debt. From those of us in CD who have served and from our friends, family and fans that have served and are serving the good ol' USA, we say "Rock on, brothers in arms...the CO crew salutes


We're a cover band, people...we don't need no stinkin' discography! We play other bands and singers tunes because THAT'S what folks want to hear...stuff they know!