Bruce Baldwin

Bruce Baldwin



Bruce Baldwin is a composer with years of experience in live performance and recording.

Bruce spends most of his evenings working obsessively on any number of musical projects. Throughout his career, the number of songs written and recorded is well in the hundreds.

Bruce has been composing since he was 16. His first foray into composition involved vocal-driven songs. In college, Bruce learned about composition and began to write instrumental music.

Bruce has attended the following music-related courses: Music Theory 1 and 2 (music composition, theory, structure, harmony, voice leading, etc.), Music History and The History of Musical Style (identifying music from different eras, structure, instrumentation, etc.).

Bruce reads, reviews and applies methodologies and strategies provided in the following music-related books and periodicals: Music Tech, Computer Music, Modern Drummer, Principles of Orchestration by Rimsky-Korsakov, Music Theory by George Thaddeus Jones and Mastering Audio by Bob Katz.

Bruce's music frequently appears on the following online forums where he obtains fellow composer and listener feedback:Composer’s Forum, Cakewalk Blog and Odd Time Obsessed.

The tracks included in this EPK showcase Bruce's exceptional talent, experience, and understanding of music composition. Each track is different and will take you to yet another room in Bruce's mind. The journey is emotional, intense, blissful, turbulent, and unexpected.


Vocal-driven full-length recordings:

Ascent: Ascent, 2000
Ascent: Extravagant Turmoil, 2006
Ascent: Secrets of Flight, 2012


Jon Anderson: Survival and Other Stories, 2011