compose something

compose something


Stuffizm=Generating that let it changing composition.M.duchamp's stuff shows new form of urial that be stuff expresses new form of laying vertically the Blue Notes.compose jazz= to compose jazz is to compose improvisation.


playing is writing.
punkjazz=whether does it distinguish to be c of
ionian, do,re,mi,fa,so,la,ti,do.
It's theory of double meaning.
It's ionian improvisation!
My stuff punkjazz= is the key of G plus A.
IT's Entropy Music!
Generating is the decicion is not decided.
the decicion is the X point in Math.
Moving mathematica.
In a class, An object is created by X.Y.Z coordinate.
in a field.and give a function to the object
in a method. whether does it move?
Let's try!


punkjazz =2006 composed =yutaka
composejazz 2003=2003 composed =yutaka
Re:jeane d'Arc =2008 composed =yutaka