computer says go

computer says go


singable, danceable, accesible tracks created by an electronic singer-songwriter duo uniting beats, synths and singer-songwriter styles.


a fully modern band, computer says go was born on myspace. robby and lito met in 2005 & joined forces to create electronic music that unites cutting-edge technology with the poetry of singer/songwriter music.

although our influences are numerous, we do not sound like anybody else.

when you ask the computer, the computer says: go! live! love! restart!

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Written By: c. 2007, lito quez

you're here
you're body's here in my room
yeah, you're body

you're here in my bed
here in my arms
here in my sweat
yeah, you're body

but you can't be found
disappeared without a sound
we're gettin' hot
but you keep yourself
so damn cold

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