Cary, North Carolina, USA
BandHip Hop

Urban Up-beat Hip-Hop


Stephen Maltrotti ( Born April 22, 1992 ) also known as Concept, is an independent Hip Hop artist from Cary, NC. Concept and his producer Brad Bell, who have previously worked together, began production on his first solo project in late 2010. The young emcee began generating local buzz in his community and released his first solo project " The Bovice Right EP " on March 12, 2011. Tracks included " The Manifesto ", " Eyes Roll " and " Long Road Home " featuring Kat Stephenson. Currently Concept is working on his second solo project " Tree Base " the mixtape which is set to release July 16th 2011.


The Bovice Right EP - March 12th 2011

Tree Base Mixtape - July 16th 2011

Set List

1.The Manifesto
2.Eyes Roll
3.M.O.M.S(Mother Of Many Sons)
4.Down South Kids
5.Dont Assume
6.Wake Tech(I Love College Remix)