Concept Books

Concept Books

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
BandHip HopR&B

Concept Books is a phenomenal artist and experimental performer. His stage shows features a 4 piece metal band and a DJ. The fusion between Hip Hop / Metal has given him a unique edge which excites a wide range of audiences. There's a video posted from Afro Fest 2011 which shows highlights from his set which include the band and DJ.

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Concept Books - Biography

In the midst of the Toronto rap scene there is Concept Books, armed with a lyrical encyclopedia and limitless possibilities.

Despite his humble roots, Rayan Sterling, is now working with Collection Day Entertainment as their main artist – bringing a new wave of rap to Toronto with every beat and every rhyme. It wasn’t until his early 20’s that he had found music to be a force of healing at first, therapeutic, it’s now become a part of his life.

So what drew Concept Books to this new art form? Rap Battles. Going beyond the music, with rap battles being an integral part of the hip hop culture, this innovative form of expressing oneself, intrigued him. In a place where its no holds bar, where one verbally abuses his opponents all off the top of the head and to have it come out in some sort of a rhyme, this level of creativity was one he revered. For the simple fact that there isn’t another form of music where such a competition is held, this is the birth of his passion and aggression on the mic. Coupled with this, Concept Books experiments with creative content and welcomes the challenge of anything unorthodox.

Books really is a concept of his own, whether it be storytelling to commercial, underground or just about anything, he doesn’t conform one style of music, and is hard to label. This isn’t some ‘bubble gum shit’, but an artistic and lyrical anthem that represents his creative aptitude on a personal level, trying to deliver the message of rap that should be appreciated not only on a musical level, but an academic one, with the literary devices within the verses. With each replaying of a verse or a song, new discoveries are made as Concept Books takes the listener on a musical journey, of lyrical depth.

“As in most success stories, the protagonist sure didn’t except their success to amount to fortune,” says Concept Books, most humbly, instead, seeking recognition and acknowledgment of his talents. “I want to be known as a force to be reckoned with, if the money comes with that then I’m good. With Collection Day at the helm all he has to say is, every day, I’m out to collect.”



1.Deadly Dosage


1. Concept Books ft Darcy -Stay on your Mind
2. Concept Books - The Plan

Set List

The Plan
Ventilate (w/ band)
Something special
High rise (w/ band)
Stay on your Mind (w/ band)